I just read a review of CTI on Trip Advisor where the woman complained that tips were expected at the Main Bar and water sports area. I PM'd her and it turns out we were there at the same time. I didn't encounter this at all. We didn't feel pressured to tip at all and we didn't. I didn't notice anyone else tipping either other than when we were leaving I saw a guy getting on the golf bus palm some money to one of the bellmen. She claimed that the bartenders at the main bar expected tips to be placed in the wooden bar menus and that watersports staff would take guests out at times when the red flags were out for a $20 tip. The only people we tipped were the bus drivers and the massage therapist at the spa. Unlike other AI resorts, I was happy that CTI seems to enforce the no tipping policy and we received great service without tipping. I found her comments off base and wondered whether anyone else encountered similar experiences.