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    Default I went back, just for the heck of it

    "What happened to the "old" Message Board"? That's an interesting question. More importantly, what will become of her? First of all, it seems to me, that the board should have a name. I mean, we always called MB. But somehow that just seems so impersonal. Those of us that have read and posted on that old tried and true blue board, shared so much more than just Couples related information. The whisper quiet, silent voices of hundreds of individuals who, found their way to the all knowing, magical mysterious cybertalker, were bound together by their love for all things Couples. No matter what entered for information; "where can I find.....", how do I get....? whatever, there is always a person or persons who offer answers, advise, warnings, guidance, friendship.

    First timers like this person who was booked for CSA in September. Just reading the words that they wrote you could tell that they were excited and looking forward to their first Couples experience. The also inquired as to the seafood choices at CSA. There was no shortage of answers. Not many are shy on this board. I could almost see them smiling and dancing around the kitchen singing, "We're going to Jamaica. We're going to Jamaica". You could not miss their enthusiasm.

    Another person had a question about the day pass. Again, much information was shared my many. People not only answer questions, but they share, perhaps, their experience with a similar issues.There is constant interaction between all concerned. A marvelous give and take. Alive with life.

    But now, what becomes of the vitality and vibrant energy that went in to those questions? I mean, now when I went back to our recently upgraded friend, it seemed very different to me.

    I felt barren, deserted, empty and alone. Lonely. Yes, I do understand that words are still there and potential answers are but a click away. There was something missing. Something lacking in the words I read.

    Under 200 days
    Awesome Honeymoon
    Water cameras?
    Beach toys?

    At one time, those questions and hundreds more like them, received prompt and efficient replies. The knowledge base of the Couples family has no equal. Each day brought new questions and new answers. It was truly a symbiotic relationship. Each of us needed someone or something else. Someone was always there to care and share. We relied on each other.

    But going back to visit the other board, left me feeling cold, empty, unfulfilled. I could hear the voices of all those people that had asked questions or sought answers. The echos of those voices still sound in my ears. Like ghosts of times past.

    Yes, the old message board is gone. The words and phrases remain as a testament to what used to be.

    The love and life that existed there is far from gone. The zest for all things Couples is still very much alive and doing quite well. Most of us have figured out all the new toys that came with the progress. And so, we all just keep on keepin on!!


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    HERE HERE Richie, I'm with you! I think it's going to take me a long time to feel comfortable with this new board, even if we do give it a warm and fuzzy name. It makes me feel cramped cutting off some of the words at the end where the other board didn't. And yesterday I tried to upload pictures to a post and "BAM" the whole post disappeared on me...HMM. I never did like computers and changing things at my age just adds to that feeling. Guess I'll just hang in there because I love thinking about and sharing my awesome days spent at CTI & CSA and dreaming of my next trip to paradise with the rest of my brothers and sisters here.
    Steve "Addicted to Couples" G.

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    See what I mean, you have such a wonderful way of saying what most of us have been thinking. Thanks Richie!

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