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    Default Hey Pamela... CTI yoga question

    Hi Pamela...
    Your vacation schedule sounds like ours (gym in the am). I have a quick quesiton for you about yoga at CTI, do they have yoga mats available? I'd hate to have to pack one but don't want to go a week without my yoga either.

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    Yoga mats, blocks, and straps are available. Be sure to check on the location and time of classes. It was confusing. I was told 8:30 at the fitness center, but class that day started at 8 at the spa courtyard. It seemed to flip between the spa & fitness center. The instructor Cindy is very good, though.

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    Thanks so much!

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    As cabushka said, there are mats available. They're cushioned, so they're comfortable on the wood floor. I downloaded my favorite workouts onto my iPod Touch and use a wireless headset so that I can do my favorite workouts at the resort. I avoid the group classes b/c they tend to be geared to beginners and just aren't challenging enough for me.

    That I recall, a spinning class took over the studio space at about 8 a.m., and a yoga class was offered in the late afternoon/early evening. As long as you avoid those two times, you likely have the studio to yourself and won't be disturbed.
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    Cabushka when were you there?
    ... when I was there in October, they did NOT have any yoga mats. Fortunately, I had my own.

    Also, the instructors vary depending on the week you are there, since they are visiting instructors.

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    I was just there last week, Feb 20-27. I saw mats on a shelf in the studio at the fitness center, so I'm assuming they belong to the resort and not to the visiting instructor. I believe Cindy, the current instructor, is there for a couple of months. Another student mentioned that she is from Canada and spends the winter months in Ocho Rios teaching yoga & pilates.

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    beginner classes definately wouldn't cut it for me either (I've been doing yoga about 12 years and do some tough (and long) workouts.

    Thanks for the studio info too!

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