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    Default CSA newbies May1-8

    My girlfriend and I are anxiously awaiting our first trip together! We have booked one of the GHVS's and I wanted to know if anybody had any tips or importamt info on the rooms in the great house. Also, we are both 30 and were wondering if there are any folks going in our age group the first week of May? See everybody soon!

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    My boyfriend I will be at CSA April 28 - May 4, so we will be there part of the time you guys are. Chris is 25 and I am 24 and we are new as well. Its good to know that someone close to our age group is going around the same dates. We will have to meet up for drinks!

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    I have been to CSA 15 times and would encourage you , if possible, to change to the OVVS. The GHVS are at the extreme end of the resort, and are slightly out of character of the rooms in the rest of the resort.

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    We will also be there May 1st - May 8th! We are getting married there on the 5th. My fiance is 36, and I am 26. So we average to your age, lol. We also have never been to CSA. I can't wait!

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    I would have to agree with manlip. I personally wouldn't book a GHVS because it's feels like a hotel where the other rooms make you feel like you're in the tropics. It's kinda hard to explain. We were married at CSA in Oct 08 and are returning May 5-10. I'm surprising my husband for his birthday!! In 08 we had the OVS but to save a little I booked the GVS for this stay. Enjoy your trip to paradise. You will be swept away!!!

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    Yes, the GHVS is located on one end of the property, but there are also 2 giftshops, 3 restaurants, the casino, the internet room, the activities desk and of course the Piano Bar, all located within that same building. And don't worry about the walk to the other end of the property, it only takes a few minutes. Enjoy!!!

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