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    We will be making our first quest to CSS in a couple months and we intend to give SSB a try. This will be our first adventure to a au naturel beach. Like most newbies we plan on getting comfortable by finding a somewhat more secluded spot on the beach. While on SSB do they have people come take your drink or food orders or do you have to go to the bar and grill on your own?

    If you go to the grill (or the restroom)is it proper to put a towel around your waste or is that frowned upon? We are in our late 30's and not as fit as we would like to be.

    Also, do a lot of people get into the water? Are there little rafts that you can float on while in the ocean?

    If you stick to the beach area to relax are you going to be laying your towel on the sand or do they have some lounging chairs? If they have chairs do you need to get there pretty early to get one?

    Also, what rooms are the most romantic? Are their any rooms that are conducive to be able to privately sit outside and allow the wife to be in some lingerie while enjoying drinks and not exposing herself to others?

    Finally, are flea or bug bites a problem at the beach after dark?


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    Joe S,

    Let me see if I can answer your questions for you.

    You will need to go to the bar to get your drinks and the grill to get your food. Walking around with a towel around you is frowned upon. Don't worry about being "not as fit as we would like to be" I would venture to guess that none of us are. You will find that the people at SSB are not judgmental in the least. All body types will be out there and I would say that of the last two trips to CSS / SSB and to a day trip to Tower Isle, 95% of the people are "not as fit as we would like to be". No worries, mon. It'll be irie.

    I would say that not alot of people will be getting in the ocean for a few reasons. One is that it can be quite chilly until you get out a bit due to the White River emptying into the ocean right at SSB's beach area. Another is that it can be a little rocky for a couple feet when getting into the ocean. After a couple feet the rocks clear up and its a sandy bottom. Most people suggest bringing some water shoes so that the rock won't bother you; I haven't and didn't think it was too too bad.

    There are plenty of lounge chairs with white floats on them that you can lay on and you may use the floats in the water too. Also, we have never had problems with the sand fleas on the beach after dark but others have mentioned they have been bitten. It might depend on when you go, we always go in July and like I said don't really have a problem. Just spray your legs with some bug spray containing DEET and you shouldn't have a problem.

    As for the most romantic room at the resort, they are all romantic and each hold their own charms. Some rooms have a slightly more private balcony but i'm not sure which ones they are. Others people might be able to help you with that. I can say that the Beachfront rooms do not have a very big balcony and are not private.

    I have a ton of photos from our last two trips you can see by clicking here. There are a lot of photos of the SSB area that I took early one morning just after the sun came up. You will really be able to get a feel for the place before you go.

    If you have anymore questions about the resort, I will be glad to help.

    Trust me you have made the right choice in choosing CSS and SSB. It truly is paradise.

    The photo in my signature below is of one of the Palapas with two loungers w/floats on them at SSB.
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    Hi Joe, we'll try to answer some of your questions!

    On occasion someone will come and take your drink order on the beach, but mostly people go to the bar and get their own. You will have to get your own lunch, it is set up at the grill by the pool.

    You won't have a problem finding a secluded spot on the beach until you get comfortable, it's a largish beach area and not a lot of chairs.

    Nobody really puts a towel around their waist, but you would need it if sitting at the bar on a bar stool while eating. I did see one woman use a sarong when she went to the bar or washroom.

    The beach isn't the easiest to swim in, but if you bring water shoes then it's manoeuvrable. Once you get past the rocks the bottom of the ocean is much nicer. There are floats to use, they are on all of the lounge chairs, you won't need to put your towel on the sand. We found we had to be at the beach by 9:30 though to get a chair, they aren't plentiful.

    As far as rooms go, I would say either the 1 bedroom ocean suites or penthouse suites would be the most private as they are higher in the buildings, with larger balconies. Some of the verandah suites are on the first floor, so not as private, just depends what building you are in. The least private would be the beachfront suites, as well as smaller balconies.

    Everyone is different when it comes to bug bites, some have severe problems after dark, others not at all. I'm usually susceptible to sand flea bites but in February didn't have any. It also may depend on the time of year.

    Hope that helps! When are you going?

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    it was our 1st time last year in jamaica at AN resort. just forget that you'se are naked & relax. NO ONE cares, cause they're naked too. all I/we can say was it was great. my wife was extremely self concious, as many women are, but after 3 minutes of watching everyone else, she dropped her suit & slipped right in with the crowd.

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    I,too, had many concerns about going to SSB for the first time. We arrived bright and early, 9 a.m., and got a spot by the pool. We're not really beach people but there were plenty of open lounge chairs on the beach. Within about 15 minutes I was pretty much at ease with being there. Once the bar opened at 10 I sent my husband for the first few drinks. However, after consuming the drinks came the first test...a trip to the bathroom which meant I had to walk - naked - there! I just held my head up, looked straight ahead and walked over there. Then you realize...everyone else is naked too but nobody is paying any attention to you (unless you're some sort of goddess-which I surely am not!) We met such nice people and had a blast with the staff. They don't treat you any differently than a clothed person. Eating naked is something else, but that too becomes much easier with time. Always bring a towel or something to sit on while at the bar or the tables they set up for lunch.

    Unfortunately we only had 3 full days at CSS, so we spent as much time at SSB as we could.

    If you're prone to getting bitten by bugs make sure you spray yourself before going to the beach at night. Take my word for it!

    The main thing is to just relax and remember that you're not the only naked person there!

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    Nobody really pays attention and if you arrive and act like you've done it before they you will not draw attention to yourselves.

    Now how do you act like you've done it before do you ask? Just do what you would do if you were on a textile beach - there really is no difference other than the fact you do not leave with tan lines.

    Have fun!!
    ... it keepsh me shane

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