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Thread: How bad is it??

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    Default How bad is it??

    I read that the beach at CTI has experienced some beach erosion during the last week. It sounded pretty somebody there now who can tell us how things look at the moment? Is it the entire beach, or just a part of it?

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    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
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    I hope someone responds. I'm curious too! I'm sure they'll work their magic and make it look new again by the time I arrive 4/18.

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    The tread re-direct is pretty accurate. We left CTI yesterday at 11:15am; however, an additional amount of beach had eroded uncovering PVC piping (drainage?) by the scuba room. The staff says it will come back, but in the same breathe, they also said they had never before seen the recently exposed large rock in front of the scuba room.

    The resort was at capacity, but it didn't seem too crowded and we were always able to find a recliner and foam pad (floaty).

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