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    Default CTI experts - help needed please

    We are 4 times Couples repeaters but have so far not visited CTI. We were due to go on holiday at the beginning of February but had to cancel for family reasons. Just today we found out that we can now go away, but only for a week (beginning next Tuesday 9th March). Our family problem is not resolved but we just need a break. Our favourite, CSA, is solidly booked but rooms were available at the only Couples where we have so far not stayed - CTI. With such a short holiday can you CTI veterans please tell me which days are the repeaters dinner and lobster night, and is the catamaran cruise offered more than once a week? We will arrive at CTI at about 8pm on Tuesday evening, where would be the best place to eat since we wont have booked? Its wonderful to have another Couples holiday to look forward to! TIA.


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    Repeaters dinner is Monday, Lobster night is Friday:

    Cat cruise is at usually offered twice a week:

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    You could do the buffet, or the verandah. If you want to eat late then the snack bar will be open all night. Have fun.

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    Don't worry, you will absolutely fall in love with CTI. We did, nine years ago and return each year. Have a wonderful holiday!

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    We enjoyed all the restaurants as well as the buffets. The beach party was Monday and the Gala buffet on Saturday, so most of the other restaurants are closed on those nights. The Verandah was excellent but gets a bit crowded around 7. You should be ok at 8.

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    Thank you for that. Do you happen to know whether bathrobes are provided as they are at CSA and CSS (cant remember if we had them at CN)? We will be in a Delux Ocean View Room.

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    Yes, robes are provided. We didn't have any in our room at first, but after a call to housekeeping they were delivered in minutes.

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    Default Glad that you are taking a break

    Have a wonderful week, Dawn. We will be visiting CTI for the Trading Places program on Friday April 2nd while staying @ CSS. Please email me (the other Dawn) when you return, for your comparison of the 4 resorts. It sounds like you are doing the grand slam....visiting all 4 Couples!
    Of course we are hoping for a quick and happy resolution to your family situation. We will miss your company this trip, especially during cocktail hour. Have a ball!!

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