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    Steve and Cindy
    email us if you want to get together? which one do you go to? maybe we can all get together being some live close by each other.

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    We are from Walworth County and always go to Sans Souci.

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    We are Jeff and Gail, and have been to CN 3 times (got married there), and COR 1. Going this week to CTI. We typically go over spring break. We would love to meet up with other couples couples. We regularly meet up with another couple we met on the message board from the twin cities. The Dells area is very nice and has several campgrounds if people would like to camp. We are flexible after May.

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    has anyones flight had to change since air jamaica is closing down? we have had to change to us3000 out of Chicago. We have to leave from the hotel now before 6 to get to montego bay so early. You couldn't beat aj flights you had half of day to enjoy the beach and food before you had to leave for the airport.

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    Yes we did...we were originally on a RT AJ flight out of Chicago but our flight home would have been canned due to the dates we are going to we cancelled the AJ flights and went with a direct on American out of O'hare instead....times are a bit later but oh well. I am STILL waiting for my refund it's been 5 weeks.

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    Greg and Therese here in Oregon, Wi. We have been to CN twice, and have a trip planned to CSA in August (yes, steamy August..need to go when the teacher in the family can go!).

    E - we had to switch from AJ to AA last year because they canecelled flights that fit our took many weeks to see the refund, but it finally came! Hang in there!!

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    Hey Karin - that's funny, small world it is! We frequent the Eagle River area throughout the summer months... we love to get "up north".


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    We are going to CN April 22 and just found out thursday that are flight had been cancelled out of Chicago. It is costing us almost 600 more to fly out of Madison. She had a hard time finding flights.

    We have eaten at Marley's in the Dells and LOVED it. We are from Monroe.

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    Awww have fun brent, april 22 is my b-day have a drink for a fellow cheesehead. We will have been back from CSA for about a week by then. Wow flying out of Madison! I rarely fly out of Mad unless I can find a direct flight (I loathe connections).

    I just called AJ and my refund is FINALLY being processed 7 weeks later...the AA flight we had to hop on was a bit more $ but oh well, Jamaica soon come (31days) not that I am counting or anything, LOL. This crazy fog has me stir crazy to get out of WI!

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    We would be interested in meeting with members of our "Couples Family".We belong to the SweptAway side of the family, and live in Rothschild (Wausau area). We just returned from another wonderful week in Jamaica, and are looking forward to going home again next winter. We will watch the Message Board for updates.

    Lanny & Marge

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    Melvin76, welcome to Couples. You will love it. I see from your prior posts that you are going to CSS in April for the 1st time. We went there last year. Be prepared for a lot of walking around the most beautiful landscape ever. We did like CN better, but that does not mean we did not like CSS. They are both just "different" and special in their own way. CSS is much bigger than CN. We have a place in 3 Lakes but live in Lake Tomahawk. Too bad we can't meat you. We will be there March 20th and at CTI this time. Safe travel to you both.

    lanny&marge: I see you are from Rothchild. That is just south of us. We live in Lake Tomahawk and of course come down for "shopping" occ. We have not yet been to CSA. We prefer the smaller area of "bloody bay", than the long 7 mile beach and also the smaller resort. It does look like I would probably like "ultimate Chocolate" though. I love Paul Tucker who is the piano man at CN.
    Karin and Jim counting the days

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    Default Green Bay "Jamaicans"

    We're from Green Bay. We just returned home from out 7th. stay at CN. (10 glorious days) God willing,same time, same place next year.

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    Hi guys, we always go to CN, no wish to try another. we are returning for our 8th time on Jan 1, 2011. Anyone in the Milwaukee area want to consider meeting for a dinner or drink some time, e mail me at

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    We're going to be staying at the Aurora Gardens in Hixton in early July, and at the Doubletree in Chicago later in July. Both on weekends. Our first time to both places-if anyone is interested in meeting up for dinner, we'd be happy to get together.
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    My fiance has been to CTI twice and I've been there once. We will definitely go back there.

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