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    Default weather, glass half empty or full?

    Hey all,
    We arrive at CTI May 1st. So I have been passing my time looking up Ocho Rios weather. For the most part, even when there is 20% chance of showers, the pic is always depressing with a cloud and rain. Why do they seem to look at the 20% rain and not 80 % sun/clouds? Seems like they would want to promote the positive side of the weather. Today is one clear pic of sun, first time I have seen that when checking out this website. How accurate is this forecast? What can we typically expect first week of May, and do I really believe these forecasts????

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    Not sure about weather in May, but I wouldn't sweat it about the weather. I don't think the forecast is very accurate. We live in western PA, and it is never accurate here either! We were just at CTI and had at least some sun everyday. It was usually sunniest in the morning, with some clouds rolling in in the afternoon. But by then the sun is usually hidden behind the buildings, so we would adjourn to the pool bar.

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    We have gone 2x the beginning of May and it rained for about 1 to 2 hours early afternoon 2 of the days out of the week. The rest of the week was beautiful.

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    Take into account that the forcast you see online is for "Jamaica" and that covers the entire island including the in-land and mountains which get more rain.
    Really, you should stop looking at the weather, it will just freak you out.

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