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    Default Nightlife:CN vs CSA?

    Hello All, Planning a trip to Couples Negril or Swept Away in May. Soooo excited! My boyfriend and I are in our early 30s and love to have a good time. We arent the obnoxious type...we just like to have fun and be social and dont see ourselves in bed crazy early. We are curious how the nightlife compares at CN vs CSA. We certainly arent looking for a super crazy atmosphere but we want to ensure there are things to do at night and that we wont be bored. Can anyone share their opinions and experience? We just want to find the right fit for us! Thanks so much!

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    Neither resort is too amped up at night normally you make your own party.
    The piano bar and the small "discos" are normally where you will find the most night time activity.
    CN's demo is a lil younger then CSA if that matters to you.
    I would strongly suggest checking out some live reggae on long bay

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    Default I had wondered that too

    My fiance and I (wife by then) will be at CSA from May 10-17 and have wondered the same thing. I am 31 and she is 24 and though we can easily hang with anyone, we too wondered if there is much of a nightlife with many of the posters on the MB seeming a little more seasoned (not that there is anything wrong with that) than we are. I like the suggestion of creating your own nightlife so if we are there at the same time maybe we'll have to be the ones to get the party started?...

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    I love CN, but there really isn't any nightlife there compared to CSA - which is why I continue to go back to CSA over CN. CN has the piano bar, but that is about it. CSA has the piano bar and a really nice lounge that stays open until the last couple leaves - it is pretty new and really nice! I am not a huge partier, but it is nice to have it there when I want dance

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    Oh and we are 27 and 25 years of age - so we are seasoned only in the fact that we have been to Couples a lot

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    Thats a coincidence! We will be a CN May 13-18....we are toying with the idea of switching to CSA...its such a tough decision. Who knows, maybe we will see you there!

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    Hubby and I danced until about 3 am a couple of times at the Aura Lounge at CSA.

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    IMO, the night life is better at CSA. The disco is nice and the DJ was great. Also at CSA there are a number of local bars that offer good night life too. Watch/listen for the locals advertising these parties. There is usually someone handing out flyers, walking around wearing a sandwich board or on a megaphone announcing the party. Listen for "YellowMan" Seems there is a guy with a megaphone on the beach once a week. There is also the Jungle Room or Alfreds. I think there is a weekly shuttle from both Couples resorts to the Jungle room.

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    My fiance and I are in our mid twenties and went to CN for the first time the beginning of February! We absolutely loved it!!! We like to go out and have a great time, but aren't crazy partiers. We loved the entertainment and usually went to the piano bar around 10 and you can stay pretty much as late as you want. We loved CN so much we are going back for our honeymoon in September.

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    Default us too!

    Quote Originally Posted by elizabuffj View Post
    Thats a coincidence! We will be a CN May 13-18....we are toying with the idea of switching to CSA...its such a tough decision. Who knows, maybe we will see you there!
    We were very much in the same boat. In the end it came down to just picking the one that called to us. I was called by the fact CSA had more bars and dining options and she was called by the larger beach. We debated over the two because I am a pool person and she is a beach person...but once I knew CSA had a swim up bar too...I was sold! That and just reading reviews and suggestions on the board. Either way I don't think you can go wrong. They're both in paradise so what more could you ask for? Good luck!

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    We will be at CSA from May 8-May 15th! Maybe we will meet up and have a drink!

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    some nights are deserted, some really fun

    when you sit in the hot sun all day and DRINK you are tired at night.

    We are night people. We like to sleep late but stay up late, some nights we were the only ones up and some nights we had company until 4:00 am. Really depends upon the crowd that week.

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    CSA has nightly entertainment, a piano bar and a disco. The makings of a party is all there. I also think the crowd at CSA is a bit younger than CN. I love CSA. Good luck deciding.

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    OHH so happy to hear that! Our trip is from May 16-May 25th it is our honeymoon and first time to Jamaica. We were almost going to switch to Couples Negril but after reading this we are glad we booked CSA. We are not people who like to retire to bed early. C U there!!

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