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    Default Does Couples do anything special on Easter?

    Hi everyone!! I'm headed to CSA April 3rd to April 11th and am so excited I can hardly get anything done!!! It dawned on me today that I'll be there over Easter, and I'm wondering if Couples does anything different on that day? Do Jamaican people do the dyed eggs and Easter bunny thing like Americans? Is there a church nearby should any of the hotel guests want to attend services? Many Americans eat a ham on Easter, do Jamaicans have any traditional Easter food? I've also heard that there is a Kite Day in Jamaica close to Easter, does anyone know what this is about?

    Thanks in advance! CSA here I come!!!!!

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    There are more churches in Jamaica than anywhere else in the world...You will find many in Negril - there is a Catholic Church about 1 mile from CSA...maybe less, as I walked there
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    And I've read that you can bring the staff small gifts...if I bring Easter candy will it be found offensive? If I bring a kite will I be considered a nut?

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    We were at CSA one Easter. There was a shuttle service to a local church for folks looking to celbrate in church. Other than that, there really wasn't any kind of remarkable celebration that I can remember. I'm a vegetarian, and I don't remember if there was ham for dinner or not.

    Hope this helps -

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    Jamaicans celebrate Easter with "bun and cheese", the bun is a tasty fruitcake loaf, and the cheese is self explanatory. Be advised that many excursions off the resort will be closed on Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Monday as well.
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    Can't answer your question but we'll also be at CSA April 3rd thru 9th. See ya there. I llok forward to a cold Easter drink and a nice Easter meal at one of the great restaurants. Just 32 days to go.

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    They offer church services, but they also have an Easter egg hunt, Easter egg basket weaving, etc. We participated in a lot of the Easter activities last year at CSA, but I don't remember any special food nor have I ever seen a kite at any of the resorts.
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    I just wanted to post on this to get it back on page 1. I'm still curious about an answer to the Kite Day question that was never answered. We too will be at CSA over Easter. 26 days!!!!

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