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    Default Private Transfer ?

    We just booked our wedding for June of 2011 at CN. As of now we have about 10 other couples that are coming along. Do think Couples would/could supply our own bus to get to CN or would we have to mix our group up?

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    If that many people are arriving at the same time, the transportation people @ the airport will put you all on the same bus. Depending on the exact amount of people you might use tow buses. Is everyone coming in on the same flight?

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    Are you all arriving at the same time? If so then there should be no issue about you all being on the same shuttle together. If there are 10 couples chances are you will fill up a shuttle van all by yourselves.


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    I have a Question. Has anybody recieved the private transport as part of the Weds. special? If so what kind of transport is it car or bus?

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