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    Default Fantastic stay Jan31st thru Feb 7th 2010

    My wife and I returned from Couples Negril last night February 7th after an eight night stay. I have to say I was totally amazed at how much of a great time we had as I have never been a fan of all inclusives as I like to bounce around and do my own thing. As far as food goes if you are not happy here you would not be happy anywhere choice is available all over the resort, if you stop at one restaurant and do not like that nights menu you move on to the other! One night we had reservations at Otaheite Restaurant for dinner and were not crazy over the selection that evening so we canceled and went to the Asian restaurant. We ate the Otaheite Restaurant two nights later in the week and had a great dinner as the menu changes every few days and was to our liking.

    Our room 1105 was parfect for us, it was freshly painted very clean and our terrace faced the path leading directly to the beach which also gave us a very nice view of both the gardens and the ocean and we were directly across from the spa building. I do not understand the reports of rooms in need of a face lift this is the carribean and the resort represents that feel if you want over the top fancy stay at RIU at the far end of Bloody Bay where all the trees have been stripped from their beach and property it resembles the Taj Mahal not the carribean. The grounds at Couples were impeccable foresty and full of trees.

    As far as the staff go they were amazingly friendly and we had a great time with them and other guests we met. The entertainment staff even convinced my wife to be in the fashion show and had a blast ( those who read this and were there with us she was Spike in the show)I was the lucky fella assigned to help the lovely ladies off the stage and onto the sand!.

    I must say our trip could not have been any better the resort offered so much to do, so much to eat, so much to drink that if you do not enjoy yourself it is your fault. We spent alot of the day walking the entire beach (my wife was topless) about 3 or 4 times a day and became very friendly with the beach vendors. They offered us Red Stripes grilled snapper and patties every day during our walks (no charge), they all knew us by our names and were very friendly they never harrassed us in any way and we actually hung out as friends and exchanged addresses. Some people complain of being harrased by the vendors and I never saw or experienced this, a simple no thanks and they moved on.

    The beach and pool area were excellent we did spend some afternoon time at the small pool and hot tub behind the dive shack as it was very quiet private and mellow place to relax and than usually fininshed the day at the pool bar for a drink and some pool volleyball before cleaning up and ggetting ready for the evening.

    I mentioned earlier my wife was topless on the beach and would walk the beach daily, there were a few others who did also and there were topless women scattered about at resorts lounging in beach chairs, it was not very prevelant maybe about 10% overall but I must say there was never a time where my wife was made to feel un easy or un comfortable by any one including the Jamaicans themselves, actually she was complimented many times and I was told numerous times " What a lucky guy you are Mon!" This vacation fell with in the top two vacations we have ever had and we have been all over the world!

    Couples Negril was just plain superb!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pete and Donna AKA "Spike"

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    Thanks for writing the review and good to hear you had a great time.
    Curious though, you wrote:
    Quote Originally Posted by columbo View Post
    ... in the fashion show and....
    help the lovely ladies off the stage and onto the sand!.
    When we saw the fashion show it was on the pool deck, with the entry from the 2 stairs leading down from the lobby area. Was your fashion show on the beach?

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    Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the review. Couples Negril really IS all that and more!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rudi View Post
    Thanks for writing the review and good to hear you had a great time.
    Curious though, you wrote:

    When we saw the fashion show it was on the pool deck, with the entry from the 2 stairs leading down from the lobby area. Was your fashion show on the beach?
    Yes there was a big stage built on the beach and all the tables and chairs were on the beach along with the buffett. The fashion show was on the beach stage and than followed by the steel drum band and entertainment. This was all followed up by the beach bon fire.

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    Default Was there the same week

    We were there the same week. Had a great time! Glad you did too. We do recall seeing you and your wife on your walks. Always smiling and soaking up sun. Awesome!

    A couple of us on the AN side wondered aloud at one point if you folks would also have had a fun time on our end of the beach. You're always more than welcome.

    Best regards 'til next time.

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    Hi dsm221b

    We have a clothing optional here at home that we visit all summer so my wife is permitted to where a very minimal bottom she is comfortable with this as she was raised being topless as she spent most her summers in Italy with family, she is not comfortble AN, our understanding at CN is that her being topless wearing a string bottom and myself being nude is not permitted. So not to have any issues we enjoyed our time walking the beach as we did with both of us topless!!!LOL. Besides my time span on a longe chair is about 11 minutes and I recently had both knee and back surgey from a motorcycle accident so walking all day was great therapy. Thanks for the invite though we are returning July 11th for 11 nights and looking very forward to it!

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    Default Back in July? Lucky dogs!

    That's awesome. Have a great time in July.

    Say, I got all articulate and prolific a couple weeks ago and wote a review about the week we were there.

    The thread title is "Couples - A Winner".

    See if you agree with our observations. I notice your comments about Riu's vs Couple's beach are almost identical to ours. Leaving some tree growth on a Caribbean beach is almost a necessity in my opinion. And it's nice if the resort itself reflects the atmosphere of the area. Riu = Taj Mahal; LOL but so true.

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