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    Default WiFi and Blackberry usage at CN


    We are heading to CN in 13 days (not that I'm counting!!!). We obviously are leaving our kids at home. We will want to touch base with home occasionally. I know cell phone coverage and cost just isn't an option, but I understand CN has WiFi. Does anyone know if it covers a wide area of the property or only specific areas? Has anyone tried connecting through WiFi with their Blackberry? Success? Failure? Advice?

    Paul & Margaret
    Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

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    Can't you call with your Blackberry? I just got a Droid Eris and it has global call capability and was told I should be able to make calls from Jamaica. It's $1.99 a minute [Verizon] but you can get another plan for like 2-weeks. I also think you can "rent" a phone from them.
    I'll be curious as to what others have to say.
    My wife and I are heading down on the 24th for 10-days!..Can't wait!

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    $1.99 a minute is still too rich for me :-)

    This past October I was using my iPod touch (with WiFi) to access the internet around the resort. It was spotting around the pool and on the beach but pretty good near the buildings.


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    What about using Skype through the Wifi? It's only $3 a month for unlimited calls I believe. Planning on giving this a try from my Iphone when I'm there.

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    Default Skype

    Planning on lugging my netbook and a headset so I can skype home and make everyone jealous

    You can also buy prepaid skype minutes ($14 at a time) and calling rates to Canada & the US are about 2 cents a minute or something like that.

    Gotta bring the laptop so I can dump all the pictures off my memory cards anyway

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    Yes..I agree $1.99 is pretty rich for me too!

    I did look into Skype and Verizon is working on it..that would be FREE to call I think. I hope it gets setup before I go there!


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