We returned from a 7 day trip to CSS a couple weeks ago and had a great time. This was our first trip to CSS (been to CTI twice, HBR 3 times, H twice) and will not be our last. I just wanted to get other peoples perspective on the AN pool bar selections. With the exception of rum, the only premium liquor (mainly just looking at rum, vodka, gin, tequila, bourbon) was a mid-level vodka (Skyy). That ran out the first day and it only reappeared after we complained. The other main bars had premium liquors.

I just wanted to know if this has always been the case or have their been cutbacks due to the economy? I've never had this problem before at any other place (including CTI). I appreciate Couples having the A/N area, but when it came to the alcohol, I felt second class compared to the rest of the resort.

I feel like you should be able to get the same things at each of the main bars. Even though the only location that had Guinness was Charlie's bar (a long haul from the AN beach), I really didn't think it should be too much of an issue to have some brought to the AN pool bar. I asked at the front desk, was told "no problem", and then shortly after I returned to the AN area, was told it would be no problem as long as I paid for it. That didn't seem too "all inclusive" to me. I suppose I could have got some to show up the same way others got some good bourbon (and vodka on a past trip) to show up. But that would be against the hotel policy and against what I think is necessary at an all inclusive resort. It also bothered me that I never saw a new bottle of vodka opened at the AN pool and we went through a lot. Only partial bottles seemed to make an appearance. I'm not making any accusations but I know what impression that gave me.

Overall, this is only one small facet of our trip. We had a great time. Enjoyed the location, beach, food, people and staff and made many new friends. I just wanted to see how others viewed this.