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    Default Air Jamaica from Fort Lauderdale


    My fiance and I are going to Couples Swept Away for our Honeymoon in August. We are currently looking into Airfare. I have read some negative reviews about Air Jamaica and their flights from Chicago. Right now, we are considering getting a connecting fight on Air Jamaica from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to MBJ. Does anyone have any horror stories (or positive stories)about Air Jamaica from Fort Lauderdale? It is the most affordable choice, but we really want the honeymoon to be as "low stress" as possible, so we are hoping to not have to deal with cancelled flights, etc. Any help or suggestions anyone can give will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance,

    Kyle and Karen

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    Never flown on Air Jamaica myself, but most of what I have read deals with their present business situation. Flights themselves seem to be fine, it's just the changes in schedules and flight being canceled all together that has caused most of the recent commotion. Booking for an August flight might be a bit iffy, pretty far out there on the calendar. However I would think that flights out of Fla. would be the last to be cut. Watch for more knowledgeable advice from those that follow AJ more closely than I.

    Good luck!

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    We flew AJ before through Fort Lauderdale with no problems, except that it was a bit difficult to find the place to return our rental car at the airport. Air Jamaica is facing some struggles right now, so if you book with them just be sure to double check your reservations before you leave.
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    We will be on our Honeymoon flying out on March 28th and we decided to pay more and book with Jetblue non-stop out of Orlando. I would rather pay $100 more, get there a few hours earlier and not have the stress of wondering if Air Jamaica is going to change/cancel my flight.

    We booked quite a few months ago and I looked the other day and the flight we booked was about $120 cheaper than we booked

    What other options do you have besides Air Jamaica?

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    with the financial condition AJ is in right now, I would say despite the fact that they may be the cheapest, you might want to opt for another more reliable airline. We never had any problems flying with them and looked forward to flying with them again this April, but had to switch to AA after AJ cancelled their Chicago route for good last month.

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    As long as they don't cancel your flight they are fine. We have flown AJ 8times and were mostly happy with the service. Twice they changed our AM flight to afternoon. One of those times we switched airports and were still on the AM flight. The other time there was no choice and we didn't get to the resort until almost 9:00 PM. Recently they changed their flight from JFK back to 6:00 AM, arriving in MoBay at 8:45 AM. We are booked on that flight for our November trip. The price and the times ere too good to pass up. I do recommend insurance for your trip. Then you have "No Problem,Mon"

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    Default AJ from FLL

    We have flown Air Jamaica from Fort Lauderdale at least 10 times and never had any problems with the exception of some minor delays.

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    We have flown AJ 5 times from JFk and thankfully had no problems. Last year they did change the time leaving NY from 7am to 12:45pm which I was bummed about but when they called to tell me about the time change they offered me to change my flight to arrive a day early with no fee. We were going to book with them for our Dec trip but after reading the Jamaican Gleaner and the Carribean paper this weekend we are up in the air (excuse the pun) as they are being sold (papers to be signed by March 31)and the new airline is suppose to take over by July 1st. Caribbean Air says they will honor all tickets sold from AJ.

    We are going to wait till the end of the month and see if the deal actually goes thru then probably chance booking with them (they now leave at 6am)and hope for the best. Being it is your honeymoon I would go with another airline so you don't have any problems.If they do go under I was told by my credit card company you will be able to get your money back it is just then scrambling for another flight and probably paying more money due to a later booking. Good Luck and Congrats!

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    AJ's Ft Lauderdale/Montego Bay/Kingston flight has been at the same times for years. I think it's their most (only) profitable route. We've been on it many times. I read that the new owners are scheduled to take over on or about July 1. We're taking AJ in late June before the new owners but I really think you'll be okay with reservations for August. If they should run into problems you can always switch to Spirit or USAir(thru Charlotte)from FLL or even take American out of Miami if necessary.

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    Check JetBlue out of Orlando. IME, a much more reliable experience than AJ.

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    Be advised, AJ will not exist ater July 1. CAL may or may not purchase AJ.
    The government of Jamaica is currently running AJ. After April 1 they will cease to finance AJ regardless if the airline has been sold or not.

    Nothing has been signed by CAL accept for a letter of intent to purchase AJ. This is far from a done deal. I would not book any AJ flight until the picture becomes clear.

    Bottom line, sale or no-sale, Air Jamaica as an airline will not exist at all after July 1. If you have another option take it

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    Had issue with them changing the flight by 5-6 hours. got a refund and went with Spirit, much better.

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    We are from Ft. Lauderdale and flew AJ last year without any problems at all. Was on time both directions. 90 minutes and your at MoBay. However the info above is good to know. Just booked for July at CSA last week on a popular travel website and we are again flying AJ. I guess I will have to keep checking from time to time to see what happens with their flights uh-oh

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    got my flight from ft laud to kingston to mo bay changed on air jamica for april without any phone call from aj. Rebooked on American my money back from AJ

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