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    Default September 18-25 2010

    Just booked our first trip to TI been to CSA a few times and Jamaica many times. Wanted to try something new. Looking forward to meeting some new friends at TI in September!

    Life is good now!

    Chuck and Gail

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    We'll be there about the same time - getting there a day before, leaving the same day!

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    jagorham...have you been to TI before? Any advice about the property? We are so ready for JA time!

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    chuckanngail - not been to CTI before, just CSA. Can't help you much there.

    I see you're from the NOVA area! We're down in Richmond, but flying out of IAD (better rates this time).

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    We have been to CSA a few times and decide to switch it up this time and try somethign different.

    What is your return flight...maybe we are on the same flight back to IAD.

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    We're flying back on American 1812/850 (leaves MBJ 2:55pm).

    We decided to use American out of IAD this time because the numbers worked out a lot better. The fare for the two of us is about $200 less than flying US Air out of RIC, plus the baggage and seating fees made a big difference (about another $100). Another reason we went with American is that it gets us to MBJ in the morning; pretty much everything else got us there mid-afternoon (along with every other North American-based flight).

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    Jagorham...we are are on the same flight back to when we get to MoBay we can continue the party!

    Looking forward to meeting you and a bunch of new friends at TI. Jamaica is the most relaxing place on earth...

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    Default Anyone else

    heading to TI around September 18th?

    Our first trip there and looking forward to the relaxation and meeting new friends.

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    Default Anyone

    Come on peeps...there have to be some mid September folks out there planning on being at CTI during this time period! Let's get the names going so we can get to know everyone before we get to paradise!

    It's only 5 months away....never too early to start dreaming about JA!


    Chuck and Gail

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    Yep - right now is seems like the four of us in that time frame. I'll be there soon!
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    Default 133 Days! Till September 18th

    Whos going to be around those times? We have had a few that popped up, which is good but who else there at CTI mid September....lets get the list going and the party started!

    Have a great weekend ever you are now!


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    My countdown clock shows 85 days until we are at looking forward to it!

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    Hi All!

    My soon to be husband and I are headed to CTI on the 20th of September though the 29th! We're first timers to Couples, Jamaica, and the Carribean! We'll be on our honeymoon so any advice? Can't wait to meet you all!


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    Default Have fun!

    That's the only thing you need to do. We have been to CSA twice before and this will be our first trip to CTI. Pack light, you will find that you will wear less than you plan on taking. Jamaica is a great vacation with great people! The locals are wonderful people. Couples is fantastic. You are in for the best vacation of your life. See you in about 76 days!

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    We will be going from the 20th-25th. This will be our first time to any resort together, and first time in Jamaica. This is our honeymoon.

    Well... let me say that we SHOULD be going. As of now, the airlines canceled our flight the 20th and moved it up to the 19th. Small problem...We get married the 19th.

    So I have been playing phone tag with everyone trying to cancel my flight, get reimbursed and then book another airline for the 20th.

    Supposedly Cardinal is the company that takes care of all of that booking stuff you do on Couples even though I booked straight from Couples.

    So now I am waiting for Cardinal to call back (I had to leave a message because there is no hold and wait for an operator and it just rings and rings)

    The airline says I have to call their reissuing dept so they can refund everything. Then I guess I am either going to see if they can add the new flight, or if they have to cancel EVERYTHING, and I have to book again from scratch.

    What a nightmare. I'm waiting for my post on the main forums to appear to see if anyone can offer any assistance on what to do.

    It's frustrating that the airline did that, and second its frustrating I cant speak to anyone at Cardinal and that you have to leave a message. Sounds like a one man operation with tons of departments. You know, the one man business that has 9 phone lines and departments, but he is that guy that answers them all. This company seems to be like that just from calling.

    So I say... We hope to see you there.

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    Now I know it's getting close - just made the last payment!

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    Sixty days to go (on Monday)! Time to start packing!

    Chuckandgail - if you want to, send me an email at my screenname here (at) You'd asked elsewhere about where some of the rooms are, and I think I have some info that might help. (BTW - we're in the Ocean Jr Suites, which has four in the main building, and four in the "new" building, not sure what the new numbering system translates to.) Hope to hear from you soon!

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    Thanks sent you an email!

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    My wife Kim and I will be there from the 10th to the 21st.... we are part of the IVan Islanders... there is 4 other couples that will all be arriving at the same time.... 3-man and beer pong on the island anyone...

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    Hello chuck and gail me and my fiance will also be at CTI from 9/23-9/28. This is our first time at a couples resort talk about excited!!!! We so cant wait! Hope to me and see you all there!


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    Looks like the mid/late September list is building nicely!

    Beer pong sounds like a great idea! We are in.

    Where is everyone arriving from? We are coming in from the DC area 1st time to CTI but are CSA vets.

    58 days according to my countdown clock!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckandgail View Post
    Looks like the mid/late September list is building nicely!

    Beer pong sounds like a great idea! We are in.

    Where is everyone arriving from? We are coming in from the DC area 1st time to CTI but are CSA vets.

    58 days according to my countdown clock!
    We fly in from Philadelphia..... we have a 6am flight.... should be on the island by 11AM...

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    Well we are also leaving from philly @ 6. scottnkim when do u guys leave? we have the same itinerary so far! we leave the 23 of sept. Beer pong sounds great we have never played but are willing to try!!

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    We arrive mid arfter noon and will try to get a lay of the land first to figure out who/where everything is located. Will probably made the first ride over to the island shortly after that for our first venture! Really excited about meeting all the good folks at STI and having a great relaxing week with the better half! Soon com!

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    We're from Oregon! We ready to go some place where the beach is actually warm! Can't wait to meet you all!

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