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Thread: Awkward later?

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    Default Awkward later?

    This is a question I haven't seen addressed before. For those of us kind of wanting to do AN but not socially i.e. keeping to ourselves, my wife is concerned about seeing the other AN folks later in the rest of the resort like at breakfast. She says she is fine with AN as long as she doesn't have bump into them while clothed and socializing. We went to Negril AN last year on a day pass from CSA and loved it but we agreed the best thing was we went very anonymously and noone at CSA, our home resort was there. Actually it was kind of the perfect combination. has anyone else used that approach? Are we overreacting about the awkwardness?

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    We felt the same way the first time we tried AN, at CSS. It was fine while we were at the beach, but seemed a little odd seeing the same people at Breakfast and other places around the resort. Since that first time it has not been a problem and we will frequently have dinner or socialize at the bars with the people we see at the AN facilities during the day. I think a lot of this awkwardness stems from our cultural up bring in which we are not accustomed to seeing other people naked, certainly not in a social environment. My advice is to go and enjoy the experience and not worry about feeling awkward either at the beach or at dinner later in the day. Once you start to get to know the people at the AN beach you will soon find that they are the friendliest and most easy going people that you will ever meet and that there really is not reason to fell awkward around them at all.
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    I don't think that you are over reacting. Sometimes it takes some people longer to feel completely at ease. After all, being naked with strangers is not your everyday occurrence. It will not be as awkward as you think.
    As far as running into people that you met while on the island. Not only will you talk to them, hugs and kisses are often exchanged too. Friendships are formed quickly and some of us have remained in contact for many years. Even if we never see them again, we keep in touch.

    The unique part of the Au Natural section at CTI is the fact that we are all out on that island. No gawkers, walkers or squawkers. We are our own little world.

    What they say about the island of Jamaica and Tower Isle, "once you go, you will know.

    See you on the rock


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    I have never thought of it that way. Although I was not the initial one to want to try AN (my hubby had wanted to for years before we went to CSS), I never felt awkward meeting people on the clothing side we had seen on the AN side. They are just people who enjoy the same thing you do. Actually, that is where we do most of our socializing, and so we also socialized with the same people in the evening. They are the ones we met, so they are the ones we socialized with. Some of them who were not as social we would see say at breakfast, maybe nod, but not really socialize with them. No one seems to give it a thought that they say you on the AN. Remember, they were there also, so what do they have to hide? How can they judge you? What is there to judge? I don't think anything. Actually, if you do not socialize on the AN side, but sit by yourselves, most people don't even realize you were there. So, relax, there really is no reason to worry. Just enjoy your experience.

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    Default Never an issue

    I can honestly a say that this has never been an issue, if anything, I think you'll get a very warm hello at breakfast or dinner from someone that you've met on SSB/TI/CN etc. In fact on many occasions, we have made plans to meet for dinner with AN friends onld and new ones. Relax and enjoy your whole holoiday!

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    What awkwardness? The only thing awkward is the occasional, "Hey! I didn't recognize you with clothes on!"

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    We didn't experience any awkward feelings with any of the people we met while AN but maybe that was just us. Most of the people you will meet are not the kind of folks that are going to make you feel awkward in my experience. We still keep in touch with two couples that we met on SSB and I honestly don't remember what they look like with out their clothing. I do remember their names and how much fun we had with them though!


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    In general I would say no, there is no awkwardness later. If it's not awkward talking with or just seeing someone when you're both nekkid, it shouldn't be a problem seeing or talking with them later... unless they're wearing something really awful... LOL


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    I think overreaction would best describe it.

    We enjoy the AN beach and have met some great people over the years. When we meet at breakfast or dinner nothing is ever said or mentioned about "Hey I saw you on the nude side". It is more a common practice to simply enjoy the experience and let it stay at that.

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    Frank, It's just the opposite of what you think. When at CTI the people we met on the island were the same people we socialized with after it closed for the day. The thought of embarrassment or awkwardness never crossed our minds. Remember, people you see on the A/N side are doing
    the same thing as you are. "No Worries"

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    I think you are overracting a bit and here's our story. We were at CSS last year and sat with a couple at the beach buffet gala at night. They mentioned to us that they went to SSB the day before and made special mention that, of course, they were there after 5:00 for picture taking and did not partake of any of the "nudity". We let the comment drop, but, at the adjacent table to us were a couple that we had played trivia with at the swim up bar on SSB that day and they cracked up when they heard this from the young couple we were with. I guess the moral of the story is, the only one's to judge are the one's who've never partaken.


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    Overreacting, no one cares or will they say that I saw you at the AN beach.
    Irie Mon

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    It's not really an issue - if anything we noticed the people on SSB were the more social folks at the resort and we hung out with them at the bar and during the evening entertainment.

    If it makes you feel any better, we met our best man and his wife this year (hadn't seen him in 23 years)and I thought for sure hubby and him would spend the entire time on the textile beach. Wrong! As soon as they arrived it was like nothing was different.

    If you don't make a big deal about being AN others won't and it will become a very natural feeling whether clothed or nude.

    I think it all comes down to "ya seen 1 ya seen them all".
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    Default over reacting

    It's no big deal, My favorite thing to say is. "Sorry I didn't reconize you with your clothes on" or " so that's what you look like dressed"

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    This is exactly my thoughts, I fancy trying the beach but would definitely not want to socialize. I would be happy to socialize dressed.

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    I wondered about that before we went also
    but after several times to SSB and TI I can tell you it is totally different.
    We have met some great friends
    We call ourselves the Sunset Beach Bums
    We sit together at the Gala
    We sit together at the Beach Party
    We go to the bar together in the evening and drink Bob Marleys together
    We go to Showtime together and cheer for each other in the Talent show, etc.
    They are a great group of people
    the fact that we spent the day nude on the beach is no more relevant at 800 at night or at breakfast than it was while we are on SSB. The awkwardness goes away quickly and pretty soon you don't really think about the fact that the others are naked.
    That has been our experience
    I hope you enjoy!!!

    122 days for us

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    Couples Repeaters here (14 times). Understand the thoughts, but as most have said. It is exactly the opposite. The people on the island or at SSB are the nicest, most friendly you will meet anywhere!
    When no one has clothes on, no one cares what you do, how you dress (kinda hard too), how much money you have, etc.
    We have met life long freinds both on the island and at SSB. We have visited them and and they have been to our home. We even traveled back to CTI with them. We are planning a get together in the states this summer with two other couples we met at SSB.
    And as been said, we usually end up going to dinner or shows with people we meet each year.
    Try it and you will be amazed both with the great time you have and the people you meet.

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    A funny story after being at SSB the entire trip last year and never on the main beach. We went to the beach party and I had NO idea where the closest bathroom was. The people we sat with - had a funny look when I asked them where it was - I thought that they may have assumed that I had "gone" in the pool or something the enitre time - they knew that we had been there for 5 days. We told them why and it was alright - no judegement. LOL now I know where the bathroom is for those nights like the beach and the gala. :-)

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    i wouldn't say its over reacting, just takes some getting use to, but for us we went 3 times in 12 months, and came home from the last trip and got invited to a pool party, and it felt strange to get into a pool with clothes (swimsuit) on. WOO HOO 49 more days!!!!

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    ddc, That is so funny I have had similar experiences. Like when we meet people the first day, then never see them again till the good-bye bus comes. and they say" where have you been all week"? Not in a wet bathing suit, for sure.

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    I've never done it and I'm a very shy person but you have got to have confidence on and off the AN beach. That's the beauty of it all. I think all of the weird looks will come if you and your wife are STILL naked while bumping into people lol j/k. My husband and I aren't supermodels but we're going and we're both looking forward to doing it. Besides, when else can you be naked as the day you were born in public... and not be arrested.

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    After four years of amazingly relaxing visits to Sunset Beach, I've realized something rather ironic: Seeing our friends from SSB dressed up for the evening activities is MORE FUN! It is delightful to see their "dress-up" choices, their "style". No matter if their clothes are designer or Dress Barn... Has anyone else noticed this?

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    No issues with us. Had quite a good time talking with people we met on the isle. Although, it's quite funny to see people whom havn't gone, give us the look, while descretely listening in on our conversation. hee hee. The only issue is if the ladies are giggling & talking about "buttons". No issue here, but was quite funny. Inside joke we never knew about..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce View Post
    What awkwardness? The only thing awkward is the occasional, "Hey! I didn't recognize you with clothes on!"
    Exactly!! As a general rule, people who are willing to undress in front of total strangers, are not exactly the "uptight" type.
    haahaha!! And, I said the exact same thing to a man when I saw him and his wife later at dinner. They all laughed. Not awkward at all.

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    After spending your vacation at TI it feels akward wearing cloths all the time. Expecially when you get home.

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