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    Default CN beachfront suite info for a newbie

    Having been to CSS before, we're about to make our first trip to CN in April. The wife and I have reserved the beachfront suite and I'm hoping someone here can give me advice on which specific room to request. The beachfront suites are in buildings 1 and 6 right? Would you recommend getting a first or second floor suite? Any additional info/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    The beachfront suites are in Buildings 1, 5, 6, and 9. Because there are only 12 beachfront suites and CN appears to be fully booked for most of April, it's likely that you won't have a choice of building or floor. We've stayed in a beachfront suite in all four buildings and have always been on the second or third floor. We prefer the third floor, but some people prefer the first floor to avoid stairs, and others prefer the second floor to have a somewhat better view but not as many stairs as rooms on the third floor.
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    you will probably get this response from everyone but you can't request a specific room. It has been posted several times recently and Randy just had a list of "rants" and one of them was about requesting a specific room. You will love whatever you get....just take a chance. You create the opportunity for disappointment by asking. Let what happens happen and you will be happier that way.

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    ok thanks for the heads up. we'll definitely be happy no matter what, just thought i might ask.

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    You will love whatever room you get but just let me say, The rooms on the first floor do not have much privacy. If you get a choice, choose 2nd or
    3rd floor.

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