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    I am going to have my vow renewals in October at out trip CSA.Can anyone give me any brief details on what to expect with a vow renewal service.I am going to surprise my wife with it.I am going to ask her to marry me when we get there.I want it to be a light hearted, fun, stress free kind of thing.If anyone has some info that has done this before, it would be appreciated.88 days to go.

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    Ms. Wed-Ting Guest


    Hi Jimithing,
    I'll be happy to help you. I'm the stateside wedding/vow renewal planner. We do surprise planning all the time and have many ideas on how to help keep your vow renewal a secret. Please don't hesitate to call or email me.
    1-800-couples ext. 5 - email-

    Look forward to helping you plan this special ceremony.

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    Let Debbie help you it. Helen and I renewed our vows at CSA on our first trip in 2004. It was a very romantic day. Expect the ceremony to be the same as a wedding. The certificate is obviously different. While we planned it ahead (I still remember my "reproposal" in our family room), it was stress free and fun. Enjoy it and congratulations.

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    We had a vow renewal in on our first trip to CSA in 2005 for our 25th anniversary. I too had made it a secret from my wife and wanted to surprise her.
    Our vow renewal was very casual and relaxed. We were "dressed" up a little bit, but barefoot on the beach. She had a summer dress, I wore shorts and a collared shirt. Our "guests", about 6 people, were in swim suits and tennis attire. Casual enough?

    Very fun, very cool. We both decided it was more memorable than our original wedding. We had a photagrapher from Couples take pictures and one of our guests handled our video camera for us. We purchased the album and it is more looked at now than our original wedding album ever was.

    I will try to post a few photos tonight when I get home.

    You will be very happy that you are doing a vow renewal at CSA.

    Oh, we had the cake saved and had our own reception at Palms that evening. Our guests, and others, joined us at dinner and all had cake for desert. Then danced the night away with the evening entertainment. It was so much fun! You will have a blast and remember it forever.

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