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    Goint to CSS in 6 days and I can't wait. I was wondering if anyone has gone water skiing, and if so what they thought of it.
    I've never done that before so I was wondering if it is difficult or not.

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    My 13 year old grand daughter did it for the first time in Antigua & she got straight up never looked back & we couldn't keep her off it. son tried it & after about 5 attempts gave up!! So, it all depends, enjoy!

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    It can be tough until you get the hang of it. But the watersports guys are great and will give you a lesson. No worries, mon! And since you're there, you might as well try it all!
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    Hey, Jamaica - You're going to love it. We stayed at CSS two weeks ago and I went skiing a day or two after Valentines day. I've been skiing for most of my life, so my experience may be somewhat different than yours if you're just starting out. Here's my experience at CSS...

    The day we went out, the water was fairly smooth and I don't remember any wind. That made for ideal conditions. The captain (Boat driver) Christopher was a great guy. Good personality and very patient. That said, the boat only had a 140hp outboard on it. With my wife, the captain, and another fellow in the boat, it didn't have enough juice to pull me out of the water on a slalom. So, they pulled me out quite easily on two skis, then I just dropped one. We went about a half mile up the coast, then back toward where I dropped the ski. It was an awesome experience and seeing the water color changes from the reefs directly below where I was skiing was very cool. My advice - Definitely give it a try. You won't regret it.


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