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    Default CTI glass-bottomed boat

    Have read a few posts about the catamaran trip & how it can be a bit choppy, but nothing about the glass bottom boat & just wondered how long the trip was & whether it was likely to be a bit rough, I am not a good sailor! Would love to go, as long as it isn't going to be too rough. We are going at the end of November, don't know if the month makes any difference.


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    If the water is rough (due to a storm or something) the glass bottom boat won't run because you wouldn't be able to see anything anyway. So no worries, mon! The glass bottom is about an hour.
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    If it's choppy or too murky to see anything they have taken us for a ride anyway, along the coast, where you can see the beautiful homes and other resorts.... which I find more interesting than looking at the bottom of the boat.

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