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    Default WHAT??? Sept 2010

    Booked July 1st for 9/17 - 9/24, 2010. I know hubby & I aren't the first ones

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    We are booked for Sept 2010 also. It seems so painfully far away. But, at least it is something to look forward to.

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    Default WooHoo

    Funny feeling this might get lost in the next 13 months!! lol

    It is official the Dallas 6-Pack will be coming home! We also are bringing newbies!! Sept 15 - Sept 25, 2010

    Marianna & David Hamill CN 2000, Sept 07, 08 - 2010!
    Rosemary & Chuck Sheffield CN Sept 07,08 - 2010
    Linda Gail & Chris Redmond CSS 08, CN 08 (Sept 09) Sept 2010
    Patricia & Manny Betancourt - newbies Sept 2010

    Cubby - see ya there sista! Oh and bring Jim! lol

    Okay Peeps - think of it this way - we are all in this together - lets cheer eachother on and count down the months!!

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    OK you'll have to come up with another name for your group so the newbies aren't feeling left out! lol!!

    I'm just a little confused, though. Imagine that!! Looks like maybe the Redmonds will be at CN this Sept too?

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    Cubby you are correct!! I believe their dates are Sept 9-19th - his old screen name was Dallas_Tx but I think he is having issues posting on this board....old dogs! lol You may add them Chris & Linda Redmond, Dallas, Tx - Sept 9-19

    As far as coming up with the new name??? First I am NOT creative - so I might need some help! lol and Second I can't think of anything that ever sounds like September! lol After this Sept I will start a new thread - can ya help a sista out with a good name?


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    Hey Mac,

    I've added Chris & Linda to our Sept 2009 thread. We only overlap by 1 day, so we'll have to hunt them out!!

    I'm trying to think of a name for your new group of 8, but by next year, you might add a few more couples to your group and I'll have wasted all my brain power

    What are your dates for Sept2010?

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    Gosh Cubby can't we just be the Dallas 6-Pack and the spares? lol no I was wondering about a good name for the Sept 2010 crowd - I love the Rocktober Renegades, and April Fools.....I am just having a hard time - Girl I am soo excited and I told Chris you added him! I will teach him how to signup and post next week. Our love to all Iowa from here in Texas!

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    Default Returning Sep t9th

    Cubbyblu, One of the old Dallas Six pack here but with a name change cause we have moved to East Tx just north of Tyler called Hideaway Lake. The dates Mac gave you is correct, Sept 9th thru the 19th. They are on a curise this week but will be back Sat. morning. Hope to meet up with both of you soon.

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    You all booked for Sept 2010, I'm booked for Dec 2010 !!!! Booked the end of June

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    Hey Mac,
    Can't believe we missed you!?!
    Looking at adding an extra day...maybe 2010 stay. Had a fabulous time. Hooked up with many from the MB. We are now OFFICIAL Newfoundlanders (Newfies)!!

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    It's getting closer!

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    Hey Cubby! We are going to miss this Sept but are in the early planning stages for Sept 11.. You guys in? My only trouble is, I really REALLY liked our beachfront suite, but really REALLY want to stay for 9 or 10 days. Must gather more money!!

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    Hey Lucy-

    So sad we'll miss you & Kevin this Sept, but love the thought of looking ahead to Sept 2011. The beachfront suites were awesome last year, but we usually book a Gardenview anyway (unless Randymon throws out a fantastic Wed Special!!) We've got a GV booked for this Sept w/$500 resort credit, so anxious to book an extra massage or 2!!

    Jim & I are off to Bloody Bay tomorrow am, but staying next door at B (the old GL) (Thanks Scotty for your tips & info!!) Kinda sad we won't be at CN, but a week out of the snow will be great! Hope you have a fab trip to PV next month

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    WE just booked Cubby...but we are booked for August 1, 2011...This way Steve wont be in school and neither will the kids....Sorry we will not be a part of the September to remember group...But we will be returning home...long countdown...but it is a COUNTDOWN! WOOHOO
    Erin N Steve (always Erin)

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    My fiance and I are getting married Sept 12, 2010. We will be going on our honeymoon at CN Sept. 15-25! This will be our second time and we cannot wait!!!!!

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    Hi Airbell(Erin)-
    Good to hear you & Steve are headed back to CN. We've just found out that we're going to be "Grammy & Grampy" again! (this will be our 2nd grandchild). Our daughter is due Sept 24, so I think our Sept trip is on hold for now. Our youngest daughter is getting married Oct 23, so our fall months are getting filled! We would still like to get back to JA this fall. We'll have to see.....

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    Cubby! Congrats, congrats, congrats! Those two things are about the only two things that should keep anyone away from CN! Good luck to you both! ;D and I am sure you will find the time to make your fall trip to CN! ;D i'm going to miss the Poutine!
    Erin N Steve (always Erin)

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    Funny you should mention poutine!

    The Today Show (NBC) did a feature one morning at the Olympics on poutine. It brought back some great & lasting memories from our trip last Sept! Had to laugh....Al Roker thought it sounded like "a big bowl of heart attack" (which is what I said when it was descibed on this MB last year! TOO FUNNY!!) It was actually quite tastey when Misja made it at CN. When I was packing for our trip a few weeks back, I found our Honorary Newfie certificate.....what a trip that Jim & I STILL talk about!!

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    The Poutine was yummy and the friends we made were superior! Go Newfies!
    Erin N Steve (always Erin)

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