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    Default 3 Man Dice/Drinking game-If you're going to TI at CTI from Mar-Sept. Pls Read

    3 Man --- Play It Foward

    Cynthia and I had a wonderful time again at our home in Jamaica, CTI from 2/9-2/24. While there we had a number of marathon 3-man games on TI.

    It's a very social game played in the pool that involves dice and free drinks. Anyway, during the game on the Tuesday afternoon, which included 12 players, we decided we couldn't just take the dice home but instead we would leave the very valuable blue and white dice in the care of Ted from Fla. and Roy aka "the crazy canadian".

    Their mission is to keep the game going and to leave the dice in the care of the someone who will continue the game through their stay and then pass them along. They also agreed to explain the as yet unwritten rules to the new keepers of the dice.

    As far as we can determine the game was first played on TI by Joe and Scott and the rest of the Ivan Islanders during our visit Sept of 2007. It continued at CSS in Sept of 2008 and back at TI in Sept of 2009. That may be when we got the dice.....

    Let's see how long we can keep the game going. We may be able to set aother world record........We'll be back on Sept 9th to continue the game.

    Fred and Cynthia

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    is that the game when you roll 66 you have to do a shot and get nekkid?
    played it in college i think then again i also think that game lead to a lot of ill advised tatoos, misdemeanor convictions and a few unwanted pregnancies but it was all good !!

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    We played a lot of 3-man during college and I taught it to my little brother and his friends at his college last year and they LOVED IT...great way to get hammered and roll some dice, haha

    During college a friend and I played "Two-Man, Three-Man" which if you know the game, you can probably guess the result which was both of us in the bathroom over the porcelain throne.

    Hopefully you made up some good rules...lately, when i've played it's become hardcore rules that people are making up such as "whenever a 1 is rolled (on either die) this guy/gal drinks." I'm getting too old to play those rules...i'll stick with stuff like you can't say "drink".

    I think we're heading back to CTI at some point so we'll keep the game alive whenever we are there!

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    Default The Official Passing of the Dice Ceremony

    The dice are officially passed from Ted to Dan...
    Attached Images Attached Images    

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    It would be great to have "official 3 man rules" printed up to go along with the dice. I would have sworn at the time that I mastered the rules but now it is just a confusing FUN blur. My recollection is now fuzzy... When I roll I drink and when you roll I drink and when the next guy rolls I drink. Am I on the right track? lol

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    Way to go Ted and I see you got some help from Mike.
    Great pics!
    The second passing of the dice.
    Congratulations Dan. You look like the kind of guy who will be able to play it forward. Good luck.

    Fred and Cynthia

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    Congratulations to all you Canadians on a great Olympics and the fantastic gold medal hockey game. Roy, aka Crazy Canadian, you can put your Olympic Ice Hockey-Canada hat back on. Ted, if Roy doesn't read the message board please let him know.

    Josh, I think you got the rules down pat. If I find time tomorrow I'll try to memorialize them here.

    Fred and Cynthia

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    Default Soooo Much Fun!!

    Fred/Cynthia et al,

    We had so much fun hanging out with ya'll as fellow Islanders!! Please keep the 3 man game going. The island was closed our last two days there, so hopefully the dice were passed on and the tradition continues. We look forward to visiting again there very soon!!

    Lance and Jackie

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    Oh I read it Fred... I'm just trying to think of a way to play the game that you can at least get a bit of a buzz by the time your finished... Not enough drinking involved!

    Cheers eh!

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    Fred, As you can see...the dice are passed. It is up to Dan now....We did threaten him! BTW...we added a "9" was a Social..All Drink and the 3-man drinks another when it is a 6 and 3...go figure!

    For those interested..the rules can easily be found on-line.

    Thanks for the GREAT time! Just wish those Canadians could hold their liquor better!!!! Roy!


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    Default was there any doubt?

    Wow the pressure was on....TED forced the dice on me! Roy tried to help and then they all LEFT! My biggest worry was who to pass the dice on if the island is closed for the remaining three days.
    Well the island was closed so we made it to SSB 2x but was unsure if the dice were allowed to leave. In the end, the dice were passed to fellow Canadian, Yves from Ottawa on Monday March 1st. Ted,Roy, I wouldn't let ya down boys.. pic attached.
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    Fred and Cinthia,
    Loved meeting you and the Islanders, and of course playing "3-Man".We wear our new yellow T-shirts with great pride, and certainly hope we can play 3-Man next year with all of you again, when the dice make it back to you.
    Thanks as well for being our diving guide Diving was the highlight of my trip!
    Barb & Mark

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    Default 3-man ongoing

    Dice was pased to Yves from Ottawa on Monday night. A little scarery given the Island was closed for 3 days after Ted forced them on me...pic attached,
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    Dan, you are a good listener....Just because Roy was gonna stake out your house and arrest you if you didn't pass them on. We didn't think that was too much pressure!!!!

    Great meeting you guys! We'll do it again!


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    Job well done under difficult circumstances, Dan!

    Mike and Kathy

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    Default Dice

    Gail and I will be at CTI from 9/18 - 9/25 this year. We would be happy to be keepers of the dice and pass them along after our week.


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    Large group coming in starting around June 1 and overlapping each other through late June....Dustin/Megan, Billy/Wendy, Tony/Mary, Brian/Kristin, Mike/Susan, Jonathon/Laurie, Audra and Myself, plus many other New Friends from the MB this year. I am sure we will all be willing to take care of and pass on the Big Blue Dice.

    On another note......
    Are the Frogs still on the island hanging out at the pool?
    Who origianlly brought them to the island?

    I think they got there about this time last year. Any new inhabitants?
    Peace, Love, and Respect
    CN 2002, COR 2007, CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CTI June 4-15, 2012

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    Who has the dice!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toronto_Cple View Post
    Who has the dice!!!!!!!!!
    Our thoughts exactly!!


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    These are the two people who brought the frogs and lizzards. We will bringing more next April. I hope they last until you get there in June.

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    Great picture!!!!!! Would love to meet up with you guys sometimes. We are typically Junebugs, but may just have to make another trip in the future during another month.

    Does anyone know if the dice are on or at the island right now? If not, do we know where they are and if they can get to the island during the first half of June?
    Peace, Love, and Respect
    CN 2002, COR 2007, CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CTI June 4-15, 2012

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    We just returned last night. Did not see any dice on the island.

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    The frogs are there along with a whale, turtle and a couple of others.

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    maybe someone can secure a pair of dice with the locks below

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