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Thread: Tim Air Fears

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom & Erin View Post
    You heard wrong....

    That's good news...I thought it odd but you never know. Thanks for the info!

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    On our last trip in 2008 there weren't any outlets in the bathrooms at CN. That was the only complaint I have, I have to dry/straighten/curl my hair in the room!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MazerRackam View Post
    How much do the TimAir flights run? Would it save money to find another couple coming at the same time and share the flight?

    We're staying there this July and I think that an arial introduction to Negril would be a great way to start the trip
    TimAir quoted us $107 per person and if you want a private flight it is $130 per person. This is one way only.

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    In the last 4 years we have gone, we have never had a room with an outlet in the bathroom. We have always just had a basic garden room, so maybe its diffrent in the other class of rooms????
    I always take a power strip with us.

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    Getting back to the TimAir subject... I've not seen or heard of 1 TimAir incident or accident. I'd venture a guess you're in very good hands. And from the pictures I've seen posted, the views are spectaular!!! Enjoy. Take your camera and lose your fears while snapping pictures. TimAir is on my bucket list. Someday... I'll take the flight and meet the husband @ the front desk when he arrives an hour after I do! Razzl

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