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    Default CSA: Great House vs Ocean View Verandah Suite

    I am booking CSA in May...I am struggling with the choice between the Great House Verandah Suite and the Ocean View Verandah Suite. Both seem to have a partial Ocean view. Both have TVs and Mini bars from what I have read. I dont mind being near all the action in the Great House. Is there a chance of road noise with the Great House?

    Whare the pros/cons of each? Can anyone share their experience and opinions?

    p.s. I love this message board! The 'Couples Crowd' is so helpful! I cant wait to go for the first time!

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    From what I've heard, noise isn't an issue at the Great House, even noise from other sections of the Great House itself. The rooms are, in essence, the same as the other Verandah rooms.

    The only disadvantages I can tell are that you will get a more hotel-like feel as the entrance to your room is in a hallway in the internal portion of a building. The other Ocean Verandah entrances are up stairways on the backs of the buildings...all open air. Whether this is a disadvantage is totally personal preference. May be an ADVANTAGE for some.

    The only other thing is some rooms overlook a plot of land next to CSA rather than directly out to the ocean or out to the CSA grounds. The last time we went, the couple we were with booked this room type and ended up with the view of the property next to CSA, which was a bit of a bummer. But in the grand scheme of things, the way the building is layed out, you just have to turn your head to the right a bit and you are looking at ocean. It's not like you are looking out to a brick wall.

    Note: I've never stayed in a Great House room. This is only based on feedback I've seen here, heard from our friends who had one and saw when we were in their room for a few minutes.

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    I can only give you pros on Ocean Veranda Suite - it was great. We had a 3rd floor room with a great view, lots of room, very comfy bed and sheets, - bathroom is nothing special (but we don't care about that) and everything was very clean.We are going back in 42 days!!!! - booked the same room type - can't wait! I tried to attach a photo of the sunset from our room.
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    No chance of road noise in the great house, but you will hear other people in the hall if they are loud.

    We have stayed in the greathouse the last 4 trips because they have internet access in each room. It is really nice to not have to go to the internet cafe to check email/skype.

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    It's an Ocean Verandah Suite, not Ocean "View" and some of them don't have they are blocked somewhat by the Beachfront Verandah Suites.
    I would not worry about road noise in either of those categories.

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    The main difference is that the Great House are more hotel-like, in that the doors open to a hallway and they are all in one building. The Ocean Verandah doors open to the outside, you can get a ground floor and walk right off your patio, and there are 3 buildings with only 12 rooms each. Both are great though! You won't have any problem with road noise in the Great House. I have pics of an Ocean Verandah if that would help (
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    Go for the Ocean Verandah Suite. It is like a bungalow. Unless you like more hotel like access, then go for the GHVS. We loved our Ocean Verandah Suite. It was centrally located on the resort (the restaurants are on either end of the beach, so this location was better). We were in room 3316. It was a third floor corner room with two different views of the sea. One of the hot tubs was right in front of our set of buildings, so we would grab a drink at one of the beach bars and hit the hot tub before going back to our room. Good luck deciding, but I would definitely say the Ocean Verandah Suites ROCK!

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    Never heard any noise in the great house. We liked being in the same building, down the hallway from the internet cafe and above patois. During a heavy rain, we could move about without getting wet. Don't think you will go wrong anywhere.

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