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    Default need room help!!

    am going to stay at csa , booked a greathouse verandah and am thinking should change it to a garden verandah suite?? any info pictures or comments will truly help thanks much!!

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    Personally I like the Garden Verandah Suite better. we stayed in the Great House this last trip and even though the rooms are almost identical the GHVS felt more like a hotel...the GVS felt more like a bungalow in the rain forest...much more romantic. Next time we will book a GVS for sure!

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    First off good choice on CSA!! You will love it. I have not personally stayed in the greathouse suites, I have stayed in the garden suites and they are nice they are on the outside of the property towards the road some people say they can hear the trafiic going by we never have. The greathouse as I am sure you are aware of is above patois the restraunt and aura lounge. It is set more like a traditional hotel with halways as opposed to the other accomodations. I have heard the veiw from the greathouse are nice so that is something to consider. Really you can not go wrong!!

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    Hummmm, that's a difficult question. IMO, if you were thinking of changing your room you might want to consider an upgrade from the Greathouse VS to an Oceanview VS. Rooms are all very similar once inside. The Greathouse VS are closer to the beach than the Garden VS. If you like the room and want to be close to the beach either stay with the Greathouse VS or upgrade to the Oceanview.

    Just my opinion.

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    Here is pictures of a garden verandah suite, room 3102

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    Default Pictures of GVS

    Here are some pictures of room 3102 a Garden Verandah Suite.
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    I posted this to your other thread too. They are both great rooms! The main difference is that the Great House are more hotel-like, in that the doors open to a hallway and they are all in one building. The Garden Verandah doors open to the outside, you can get a ground floor and walk right off your patio, and there are 3 buildings with only 12 rooms each. Both are great though! We stayed in an Ocean Verandah which is identical to the Garden (just one row behind) if you want to see pics (
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