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    Default airport to Couples Negril


    We are looking to book Couples Negril at the end of May.
    I have heard of construction on the road to Negril.
    Does anyone know if it will be finish by May?
    How long is the ride from the Airport to Negril normally and with the construction going on?


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    Not sure if the construction will be finisted by May. With out construction it takes about 70 minutes and with contruction it is about 90 minutes

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    As noted in other posts, there is always construction in the MoBay area. There was a bridge being replaced near Lucea, but we're told by recent travellers that this has been completed and is now open.

    I'd say that the ride will still take on the order of 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 hour.

    Relax and enjoy the ride!

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    We just returned from CN. Great time by the way. No complaints or nits. We arrived 2/13 at roughly 2:30 pm at Sangster Mobay. We got through immigration, got our luggage and arrived at the Couples area where we checked in and were given a Red Stripe. Immediatley they told us the van was ready. We dashed for the bathroom and headed outside and got on the van. I gave a small tip ($3) to the guy handling the bags and later to the driver on arrival at CN (I think I gave him $10). We were at CN by 4:15. There is road construction, but my impression is there is always road construction. Nothing moves very fast in Jamaica, excpet the shuttle drivers and cabbies. It was really not a factor and we didn't even notice the construction or the ride as we chatted with the other Couples guests who were repeaters. Not much to see really anyway.

    We did not take the shuttle back on Saturday the 20th, but rather flew Timair. I think I would fly Timair round trip next time. For our one way flight back from the Negril Aerodome which is literally across the street from CN and Breezes we paid $105 per person. A cab to and from CN to the airport is $5 and you could walk if you didn't have much luggage. I think the round trip fare is like $200.

    We flew back to Mobay in a eight passenger plane. There were 6 passengers including us. Our flight for Chicago left at 2:30pm. We took off from the Negril airport right at noon. We were on the ground in about 15 minutes and at the terminal checking our luggage and getting our tickets by about 12:30. We were through customs and at our gate easily before 1. The short flight was incredible - you follow the coast and can see the mountains. Have fun.

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    I agree with the Cornhusker -- there is always construction between MoBay and Negril. Its a nice trip problem mon.

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