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    Default busies times of year?

    Hi Everyone,

    i'm curious as to when the resort is the busiest. My inclination is that our winter would be the busiest time of year. Any one have any insight in this? Thank you!
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    Ash, as with most things, pricing is determined by supply and demand. Therefore, resorts' rates will generally be highest when they are in their busiest seasons and vice-versa. Based on this, in reviewing Couples rates, they are most busy January-March and least busy September-December.

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    If you are worried about booking in December, DON'T! We have been there twice in mid December and once in late January. Just as stunning in December as it was in January. Plus, guests bring their own xmas lights and decorate their verandah's. It is so festive!

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    [QUOTE=jamaican_junkie;48652 and least busy September-December.[QUOTE]

    Just to be clear...that is only true for the FIRST 2 weeks of December. The Jamaican Tourism Season starts the Friday before the week of Christmas...we have been there every year at this time and have seen the Resorts FILL UP that weekend. You also see it at the Airports...
    ( The rates also go up that weekend )
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    And even when the resort is at full capacity, you won't be able to tell. It never feels crowded.
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