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    I just realized that for my vacation to TI I chose a flight that left at Noon. As a result I would believe that we would have to leave the resort at least around 8am. Once the package is booked is there anyway to change the flight to a later flight? Reason being is were are only going for a few days and would at least like to get up and have some breakfast etc before we have to take off.

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    Several years ago we were on a flight home and there was a medical emergency on the flight which caused us to make an unscheduled landing. We were delayed in taking off the second time and everyone on the flight feared that they would miss their connections. We were assured by the flight attendants that our flights would wait for us. We were a few minutes late and we ran for the connecting gate only to find that the flight had left. We were laughed at by the employee at the gate who said quote, "are you kidding; they NEVER hold a plane for anyone". I would definitely look into another flight.

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    Just realized I posted this under the wrong thread. It should be a response to Misc. Worries. sorry.

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    If you can' change, then you can order continental room service the night before. It start's at 6.30 AM. Also prper breakfast start's at 7.30, so you may be able to grab an omelette or something.

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    Best to contact your travel agent or whoever you booked through

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    It is not likely but worth asking the question. Normally air is ticketed and subject to stiff change fees.

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    I'm sure you can change your flight (as long as there is a later one with open seats) but most airlines have change fees. I know Continental charges $100 plus the price difference of the ticket.
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    Yh I booked everything through the Couples site. I looked and they had no later flights that would fit for us. I then searched Orbitz and found one that left at 4pm which would be a lot better. I called Couples and was informed to e-mail Marlon regarding the wish to change. So I have e-mailed him and am waiting on a response. Hopefully charges aren't too bad

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    I don't know if I'd pay too much to change your flight. The bus for the later flight may not leave as much later as you'd like. I believe we had to leave CSS at 10:15, 10:30 for our 3:40 flight last year.

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    One option would be to fly tim air out of negril you could leave at like 930 then bys some time and probably the same price as a change in flight.Just a thought

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