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    Default HUGE Thank You to Couples!!

    We had to redo our entire vacation at Tower Isle. Not only was the resort willing to help us in any way that they could, but they were willing to work with our travel agent to make this happen for us. God Bless everyone that helped.
    I can't even express what this means to us. Mark has been in Iraq since last May..this is the honeymoon we never had when we got married 18 years ago.
    He was supposed to be home the 23rd of Feb...and could not get out of Iraq due to dust storms.
    Everyone has helped us SO much to make this happen for us!!!!!

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    That is great!! im so glad it worked out for you!!!yay for couples!!

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    Hope you have the time of your lives, you both deserve it, and Mark we would like to say THANKYOU for your service..

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    You simply can not beat the Couples Resorts.


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    Awesome news Sue! You and Mark are going to have the time of your lives at CTI. You'll be treated royally by the friendly staff. Thank you for you and Mark's dedication to our country. It's not said enough how much we appreciate your service.

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    I am so happy to hear your trip worked out! I know how stressful it is to have a hubby in Iraq. Congrats to you two for the hard earned trip! You so deserve it!!!

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    we are so happy that you will get to enjoy Couples. we thank Mark for his service to our country and big ups to Couples for helping make it happen.


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    You know,
    I am still SO amazed at how wonderful everyone was not only on the phone, but as far as being willing to help us get this re-scheduled at the last second. Right now we are supposed to BE there!!
    Mark is currently somewhere between Mosul/Baghdad/Dubai..I don't know. This is always the hardest part for me. There is no way for him to let me know, and he stresses about that too. I just keep praying that he is safe and on his way home to me.
    Couples is the most amazing place as far as I am concerned. We haven't even been there yet, and we have been taken care of!!
    Almost time to be in Paradise!!

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    Sue, first you will have a great redeployment ceremony when Mark comes back and then off to Couples. it dosen't get much better than that.


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    As Randy said, we thank Mark for his service. Tell him to stay safe. You will be in paradise soon!

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    Thank You Mark! Have the best vacation Ever! You BOTH deserve it!! God Bless

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