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    Default AT&T Cellular Phones

    Just a quick thought, Will AT&T cell phones work at CTI?
    not that we want to make calls,, but our college kids do stay in touch with mom an dad, Wouldnt want to miss out a week on something important

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    Yes, AT&T works in Jamaica. It will connect to the Digicel network. But it has changed since last year. I called last night - it's $1.99 per minute for calls, $.50 for texts. Or you can add the monthly international plan for $5.99 and calls drop to $1.69 per minute.
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    Default Iphone works at CSS? just the internet part ?

    ok now i read all below i am really confused lets see if i got this right or not
    the cell does work if you want to make calls but since it is out of the country you have to pay 1.99 per min (that i understand)

    Now if i leave my cell off and use the internet feature as a wireless unit will i be charged by att or another provider in jamaica and how much ?
    I dont really plan to make calls or text people - but woudl be nice to have the ability to use my internet on teh phone at the pool or room or whatever rather than the internet cafe - especially when looking at the tours and possible adventures as well as the cruise ships and when they arrive an dleave so as to not get stuck in the crowds.
    anyone have any suggestions and or info on above?

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    Make sure you disable data roaming before you go. It will be astronomical to use your internet over the Digicel connection. You will be able to use your phone for internet where there is a WiFi signal. The signal should cover a good bit of the resort.

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    We too have college aged kids (one son and girlfriend are actually coming to CTI for reading week with us this year, the other staying behind). In past years, we have spent quite a bit on long distance phone calls getting touch with both boys. I dont know if this helps, but this year I called my cell phone provider and had an international package set up for texting, it was really cheap ($20 total)and is activated for 30 days. I can text home as much as i want for the week. I leave my blackberry at home (it's for business and i dont want to see it at all) and just bring my cell.

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    DON'T USE YOUR INTERNET! At least that is what I was warned. They actually told me to shut the feature off because it costs so much to run.
    I have an iPhone and didn't think it worked down there until I saw someone else on theirs (this was a day before we left). She told me to reboot took a couple times but it finally worked. I just used the internet cafe to touch base with my family. It was actually nice not having to worry about my phone

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    if you turn off your settings that search the internet based on service provider ie 3g or gsm network and only use WIFI then you will not be charged as wifi is free, however if you use jamaica gsm towers you will be charged and international is not cheap!! Of course you could always add international service and then cancel speak with your loaca rep on what is the most advantageous.

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    I think you are right - there really is nothing that important while on vacation that i need to read etc - think ill just leave it off and if i need to look at something use the internet cafe for that - ok iphone your coming butttt your not gonnan be on all day like at home ha ha

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    does anyone know if verizon has an international plan for just one month?

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    can you buy a Digicel sim card there and use that service while there buying pre paid minutes ? will the iphone unlock there?

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    Default cell phone

    Ok, after 17 years and a whopping cell phone bill waiting for our return........we decided to try out skype! it was's only $30 a year and we use it everytime we make international trips....we also use it for our business!!!! It saved us a ton of money

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    John - I have an iPhone. You cannot use any other sim card, unless your iPhone has been unlocked previously. If you use it on the AT&T network, it is NOT unlocked.

    What you can do is turn OFF your Data Roaming feature. That way you will not be charged for Data Usage at all. Leave wireless turned on, and use your iPhone with the free wireless network. There is no charge at all for that - it works just like an iPod Touch. You can use your phone, but you will be charged international roaming ($1.99/minute). If you want to use the iPhone internationally, you will need to call AT&T and have that feature turned on ("International Roaming"). We have found it cheaper to use the phone on site for our quick calls home. The person who said text messages were .50 cents each was correct.

    Good luck...

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    I thought we were all set last year. Went to AT&T store just before we left to make sure we had the international feature up and running fine. She said no problem. Calls $1.69 a minute and text $.50 each. What she didn't tell me was the ccharge for the internet. So, I sat at the pool and checked e-mail, facebook, etc. Surprised when I got my bill for over $200 total. Will know better this year. Before everyone jumps on me for checking e-mail so often, my daughter was due within the month with her first baby and she was alone - her husband is in the military and deployed. WE needed to be prepared to leave the vacation if she went into labor. As it turned out, she was three weeks late and we were home in plenty of time!

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    jis8756, to avoid the "internet" (really "data") charge in the future, just make sure you turn OFF the Data Roaming feature on your AT&T phone. Without the Data Roaming, your phone will default to the wireless setting. There is no charge for using the Couples WiFi on your phone. If you leave Data Roaming on, your phone will use the EDGE or 3G network to try and download data (email, web pages, etc). THAT is what gets expensive quickly.

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    Thanks for the info, need to make sure I turn off my phone so I get no roaming charges...

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