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    Default Couples San-June 14-19 2010

    Hope to see some of you there.

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    Will be there also. B-) Havent seen many others there during this week?

    I'm thinking it would be a popular honeymoon week.

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    Default we will be there

    We will be coming from vermont for our honeymoon cant wait to get out and have some fun.Hope to see you there

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    Yes hope to see you all also...we are Natalie and Jeff by the way!!!

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    Nice to meet you.
    Is this your honeymoon or just a vacation?
    we are in our mid 40's and our 2nd time getting married.
    we love to dance and have a good time
    cant wait to get out of has been a while that we have had a whole week of vacation and my first time out of the country other than canada and to us vermonters its like another state being so close.

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    We are going on vacation...first one in 7 years without our daughter. We are both 30 and on our second marriage as well, 3 years now (well I am at least) Can't wait to meet you and we are all for the dancing.

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    We're getting married there on June 18th (will be arriving on the 16th, departing on the 24th)... looking so forward to it! hoping we make some friends in our first 2 days there, so we can find someone to take a few pics of the ceremony (we don't plan to hire any photographer... we just aren't big into personal photos, but would like to have a few to reminisce over when we're old and grey ... if all else fails, I know how to use the self-timer on our digital! LOL)

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    Yeah!! I love weddings, I will take some pics of you guys!! 93 days and counting!!!

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    That would be awesome, Relaxing!!!

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    Default June 14-21 2010

    Hi. We're Brian & Diane coming from St. Louis. Our first visit to CSS but we've been to CN 3 times, most recently Christmas 08. We intend to go back this Christmas 2010 and are waiting until after we experience CSS to see which of the two we'll take. I'm sure it will be a difficult choice. By the way we are 53 and 45 respectively and will be celebrating 25 years (even though we've never said I DO).

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    Congrats! Seems like everyone is celebrating something! We will have lots to toast to then!! See you all there!! 80 days and counting!!!
    Natalie and Jeff

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    21 Days and counting! Is anyone else getting restless...I already have my bag out to throw stuff in when I think of things I need! I am so excited!! Can't wait to meet you all!

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    Default Restless, you ask?

    ... um... yes!

    I am waiting until June 1 to start packing, so I don't freak out too much

    We're there on the 15th. See ya!

    Rick & Susan

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    CoupleOkies....see ya there, just sitting here looking at pics and getting sooo excited!

    Natalie and Jeff

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    Default Dancing the night away...

    Shawn & Diane, Natalie & Jeff,

    We would love to dance the night away a few times while we're there, but do you know if CSS shuts it down early?

    Rick & Susan

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    OH YEAH, we're getting restless. Between now and then I'm taking my three nieces and one nephew camping in KY at a Jellystone resort, talk about doing a 180 between that and CSS. Two are 10 and two are 8, so I'll be real ready for some adult time. God bless 'em, they're such great kids though.

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    I haven't heard anything about them closing early, I hope not, we are night owls and want to hang as long as possible!

    Natalie and Jeff

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    Default See you soon!

    June has finally ARRIVED!
    It won't be long now, until we're all HOME at CSS

    Rick & Susan
    CN August 2008
    CSS June 2010 (& coming July 2013)
    CN July 2011

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    I want June 14th cannot come fast enough. My wife is nearly packed. I just want to get there. I hope Continental is good about their arrival

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    We will be there for the first time 6/11-6/18 scoping the place out for our wedding!!
    mike and sarah

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