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    Default Room "Scent" Tip

    On a few posts I have read, maybe not on this message board, but on others, vacationers have commented on the rooms having a certain "scent." As unappealing as that "scent" may be, it's a reality ANYWHERE tropical, even in Florida.

    However, being fortunate enough to have experienced that "scent" numerous times in my life, I have a few items that I ALWAYS add to my packing list whenever vacationing to these areas: a small aerosol spray air freshener from a chain Bath and Body store, packed in checked luggage, of course; a hanging-rear-view mirror type air freshener in a pleasant scent; a plug-in air fresehener; and dryer sheeets for the drawers or to place over the A/C vent. After a couple of days you don't notice the "scent" anyway.

    Sometimes I even take a small spray bottle of fabric freshener spray to spray on my hanging clothes in the closet or even on the furniture. Works great.

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    Great tips!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    I also bring the small can of air freshener to freshen up the room and also to keep in the bathroom when opening the window just isn't good enough!

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    Chris, the fabric freshener spray is a great idea. Dryer sheets- I'm going to write that on my list right now.
    Thanks so much!!!!

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    It's really funny but after getting home from CSA everytime I smell the "scent" on something that we had when we were there, an article of clothing that didn't get worn, beach bag, etc. I say "oh that smell reminds me of Jamaica". I actually like the reminder of the scent!

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    what about taking a yankee candle in a jar or would that not be allowed

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    The natural smells in Jamaica never bothered me. ... By the first night our room smells like Jamaica's finest.
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    kazd: No fire-candles allowed.

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    I enjoy the "scent". It is Jamaica. And maybe that is what we should be smelling all along. Look at all the cover up artifical "scents" you are taking. Kind of reflects on our daily lives here in the states. Can't wait to step off the bus at 2:30 on May 1 into the lobby of Tower Isle and take a deep breath of the "scent". Surely don't want it to smell like fabric softener.

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    We always bring a candle. We usually bring a small Glade candle that's easy to fit in your check in bag. They have a pretty strong scent. Needless to say, it's only burning when we're in the room.

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    I like the smell. It reminds me that I am in Jamaica!

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    I agree with Northern gal. It is a tropical smell and very natural. Love it.

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    Never bothered me, never noticed a musty or icky smell...just sea, sand and that faint sweet smell...mmmmmmmmmm 41 days

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    A little off topic, but related. I usually run the beach at CSA in the early morning, I mean 5:30 to 6'ish, and one of my favorite things is the wonderful smells that fill the morning air. The wonderful ocean breeze, the many varied and delicious smells of Jamaican's cooking breakfast, and of course the "scent" of the Rastafarians partaking of their morning rituals. All are bits of Jamaican culture that make it so special and unique.

    Can't wait to get back home!

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    I have to say it did in fact bother me quite a bit. We were at CSS in February and the smell was very strong. I beleive it was bug spray of some sort. It was over powering at times.

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    The only smell that I can remember that bothered me was something I would detect at the Bar right by the Grille and the Bar in the Pallazina, like a cheesy sour smell, someone told me it has something to do with the beer tap. In our room in the B Block, we never noticed any smells that bothered us. Of course we brought along many different colognes/fragrances/body sprays, etc., along with a small concentrated spray I use for work and home. I find these at Bath and Body, comes in a small silver can, and comes in lots of fragrances. The strawberry is a good one and also the sensual amber is nice.

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