On a few posts I have read, maybe not on this message board, but on others, vacationers have commented on the rooms having a certain "scent." As unappealing as that "scent" may be, it's a reality ANYWHERE tropical, even in Florida.

However, being fortunate enough to have experienced that "scent" numerous times in my life, I have a few items that I ALWAYS add to my packing list whenever vacationing to these areas: a small aerosol spray air freshener from a chain Bath and Body store, packed in checked luggage, of course; a hanging-rear-view mirror type air freshener in a pleasant scent; a plug-in air fresehener; and dryer sheeets for the drawers or to place over the A/C vent. After a couple of days you don't notice the "scent" anyway.

Sometimes I even take a small spray bottle of fabric freshener spray to spray on my hanging clothes in the closet or even on the furniture. Works great.