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    Default Best place to keep passports?

    For shopping excursions, should you take them with you?

    Dunns River Falls? where do you put them?

    Do you need to always have some form of ID when off of the resort?

    or Is it best to keep them in the room safe until leaving?

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    We never take them off property, especially when we're on an excursion. Keep them in the safe. We also leave a copy of our passports with family at home, and a copy with us. The only ID you would need shopping is if they were to ask to see ID when you pay with a credit card. You could have you drivers license for this.

    For Dunn's, don't bring anything other than some cash and a waterproof camera. You won't have anyplace to leave your stuff while you're climbing the falls and won't be able to carry much up the falls with you.
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    Keep them in the Room Safe the entire trip. You should carry a photocopy of the front/photo page of your Passport, when you go out...but most people won't...

    When I go out alone, I always have ID as you never know what can happen and you ARE in a foreign country. It's common sense.

    You should both have copies of your Passports, when travelling ...keep them separate from the Passports.

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    Ours go in the safe when we arrive, and come out the day we leave.

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    We've always kept our in the room safe. You shouldn't need them until you're back at the airport in Montego Bay. Irie

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    We left our passports in the safe.....We only did one off-site excursion and didn't need our ID.

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    We leave the passports, and all other travel documents, in the safe in our room from arrival to departure. I take my drivers license in my wallet for ID purposes if needed. If not leaving the property, other than to walk the beach, I leave my wallet in the safe as well. I love not having to carry a wallet for a week.

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    There was never a need for us to have ID when we went out to Dunns River Falls, Margaritaville and to the Shopping trip. We always kept our Passports in the safe.

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    Oh, by the way on the shopping excursion be prepared to be badgered to buy this and buy that, but just stick to your guns to do only what you want. Whatever you take to Dunns River Falls, you leave on the bus, if you take it with you, it will be soaking wet or lost in the Falls. We used some cash to buy a video of us on the Falls, cash to tip the guys who guided us thru the falls and we purchased some things from the little Shoppe outside the Falls, but if I were you I would not stop there, we got very badgered out there and all the items they have there you can get on the Shopping Trip or in the Airport or in the Couples Gift Shoppe.

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    We always kept ours in the room safe. Found no reason to be carrying them around...especially to Dunn's River Falls.

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    I'd keep the PP in your safe at all times; don't risk losing it. You really need it for ID while travelling. If you're wandering alone, it may make sense to have ID on you, but you're at Couples, which generally means that at least one other person knows who you are... ;-) .

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    Leave them in the safe at the Resort. No need to take them.

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    All rooms will have a safe, and really, the best place to store your valuables.Some folks keep a photocopy of their original documents with them on excursions,but the drivers and hotel staff will have a list of the guests who leave the hotel premises.
    We travel often and have never taken our passports with us anywhere.

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    Once we have arrived at the resort we have always kept our passports, wallets and valuables in the room safe and have never experienced a problem. If you plan on going out touring bring what money you need for your trip and leave everything else in the safe.

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