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    Default A few questions about CTI

    Hi. We were wondering about the daily activities the resort offers. According to the website there are a variety of things to do but which ones are the most fun, romantic etc....

    What's kind of documents should we expect from Couples since we did our reservations with them? When should we receve them?

    Does the resort serve pancakes?

    What must have items should be pack?

    Thanks....we are soooo excited!!!!!

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    ACTIVITIES: If something appeals to you, try it; if it doesn't, skip it.

    DOCUMENTS: Couples has gone green. Your email confirmation is all that you will receive.

    PANCAKES: Yes, pancakes are available for breakfast.

    PACKING: There are a lot of packing lists floating around on the MB. The FAQs also offer some suggestions:

    You should pack lightweight cotton clothes due to the heat and humidity. In the evening resort casual or semi-formal clothes are required (see “what is the dress code” question). All other times normal summer and swimwear attire is appropriate.

    If you plan to go horseback riding long pants are recommended. For golfing, typical golf club attire is required. Note: if you plan to go into town or tour the countryside it is not appropriate to wear only beach attire.

    Pack a carry-on with a change of clothes, swim wear and cover-ups, your normal toiletries, any medication that you might be on. This way if the checked luggage gets lost or does not make a transfer you will at least have something to change into.

    A waterproof disposable camera is suggested if you plan to parasail, snorkel, scuba dive, swim with the dolphins at Dolphin Cove, or go on the Catamaran cruise. Also bring additional memory card for your digital camera as you won’t be able to use Internet Café computer to download your images.

    Bring your favorite beach read. Couples Resorts host small book exchange shelves where you can borrow something to read and you can leave your finished book for other guests to enjoy.
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