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    Default HELP...Upon arriving at Couples Lounge at Mobay..Hugs

    Oh,how I need a favor!!
    Upon your arrival at the Couples lounge at Mobay,will you PLEASE tell Ava hi for Tommywommy..And give this wonderful lady a huge hug for me...And try to snap a picture of you and Ava for me.

    I really would appreciate this very much.

    Hugs from 10 0 C

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    Ok guests...Let's start your trip off on the right foot..Keep your eyes open as you stroll into the Couples lounge at the airport..The very sweet and pretty Ava should be one of the ones greeting you..Seek her out,hug her and tell her hi for Tommywommy.

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    29 days Tommy....I will do as you asked!!!

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    So she is now working at the airport? I looked for her at CTI and didn't see her. Now I know why.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I now have another good reason to return to Couples.
    I can not wait to reach the Couples lounge.Seeing sweet Ava is the best way to start a Couples vacation.

    Hugs from 10 0 C

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    Nick and I just got back Sunday from Negril. What a wonderful surprise to see Ava's beautiful smile welcoming everyone at the airport. Couples could not have picked a better ambassador !

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    Wendy...Seeing Ava in the Couples lounge is a wonderful way to start a Couples vacation regardless of the Couples resort you are visting.

    EVERYONE...Please take a minute and get to know Ava..She is an outstanding Couples' employee.

    Hug here for Tommywommy

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    Ava..I hope you get to read this..You have made me popular..I have received several emails and facebook posts that say many guests have met you in the lounge and you are doing a wonderful job and I know you are.

    See you in April..Have me a hug ready.
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    Keep it up..I have really enjoyed the emails and the Facebook messages about so many guests meeting Ava in the Couples lounge.

    Isn't meeting Ava the perfect way to start your Couples vacation?
    Ava is a true blue Couples employee.

    Seek Ava out at the Couples lounge and give her a hug for Tommywommy

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    Treat yourself.
    Upon arrival at the Couples lounge,seek out Couples' best known employee Ava.
    Yes Ava is known by more Couples guests that any other employee of Couples.

    Give her a Hi and Hug for Tommywommy

    Here is Ava putting tommywommy to work..LOL
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