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    Greetings all,

    We will be coming to the Island first week of May. I am interested in some SCUBA. I have a NAUI cerification. Is this recognaized in Jamacia / CTI ? I see PADI a lot mentioned but NAUI not as much. It has been awhile since I have Scuba'ed as well. So I might be in need in a little practice. Can any one fill me in with some info and tips to make my diving experience a pleasant one?

    Kind Regards to all

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    NAUI is accepted (I'm NAUI, hubby is PADI). If you haven't logged a dive in a year, you will be asked to complete a refresher course in the pool ($50)... this is for your safety and the safety of the dive crew.
    Don't forget your card and your log book.

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    No worries Tonemonger, they do respect the NAUI certification. When you get there see Colin. He's the divemaster for CTI, he'll get you hooked up and ready to go. They will provide you all the equipment you need. Have fun and dive safe.

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    I did a dive last year at CSS, but haven't gone since then. If I do a refresher course at home and get a "certificate" to bring along and show them, will they accept that or do I have to do their refresher?

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    That should be fine. I bet you will enjoy the diving much more from CTI. The boat is better and Colin and Rasta are great, so is Dave the captain.

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