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    Default Tours - Mayfield Falls

    Anyone know if there is a path along the river or do you have to walk up the river bed? We are in early 60s and she has 2 bum shoulders so don't want to have her pull on one trying to hold herself up.

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    Its a bit of work, but the river walk (we were in our early 50's when we did it) was not that bad. The level of difficulty is proportional to the amount of recent rainfall, I think. Generally, its a shallow walk, but there are some spots that are rocky, as opposed to other stretches which are gravelly.

    You have valid concerns, but I can say that the guides were very helpful to those who appeared to be having any difficulty at all. I don't know if that is reassurance enough for you.

    Now to answer your question more directly, there IS a pathway along the river, which they do use when the river is too high. Perhaps they'll provide a guide to walk with your lady. I don't know if you can find this out on their website or not. I tried checking it this morning ( but got a trackback saying that their bandwidth had been exceeded... and to try again later. I don't know what that means.

    Perhaps if you check with the tour desk at your resort, they can provide more and better information.

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    Mayfield Falls is really an interactive trip, meaning in the water. You may want to consider YS Falls instead....

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    Default Mayfield Falls

    We were there this past Decmember. Yes you have to walk through the water altghough the falls are smaller then two of the other major falls tours, but it isn't hard as I have bad legs and I made it through without a hitch. The guide we had was fantastic, he help any time I needed help, heck if I had asked him to carry me he might have :0) he took pictures for us, anything that we asked he had an answer and explained it well, it was a fun learning experience and if I had the chance to do it again I would. Although I should mention that the falls aren't as popular they use to be, we a hired a driver for the day for this trip that way we weren't rushed, very relaxing pace. Comparing it to "YS Falls" they have stairs and Ohco Rio Falls is definitely a climb up the falls. I have been to the other two falls in prior years so I can compare them. Hope this will help you in making a decision.

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