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    I am a teacher and very interested in visiting a school in Jamaica, maybe read a book to the kids, read with them, etc.

    Does anyone know if this is possible and can recommend how to go about this? We are visiting Ocho Rios and Negril.

    Thanks so much!

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    I have seen past threads on this. I think it is possible but you might have to contact the resort you are staying at to get connected to a local school. The resort will help with getting you reliable transportation.

    This is a great idea. Please post on how this works out for you.

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    Contact Guests Services or the Sales dept. at the resort. We did this while staying at Couples Negril (Opal in Sales arranged transportation and took us to Esher Primary School) Very rewarding! Bring school supplies if you can.
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    I suspect that this is very possible. The resorts are very active in supporting their local schools, both directly through school "adoption" initiatives, and through the Issa Foundation.

    For example, there is an early elementary school near Negril that receives material donations from guests of SweptAway. This is the Mot Airy School.

    I've noted in the past that some folks have been asked to not visit the schools in person, because it was becoming a daily distraction to the classes. However, as an educator, you are coming from a totally different "place" than the well-meaning tourists who want to bring school supplies and treat to the kids.

    So... I would recommend you do this...

    Go to . There, you will find a link to Negril maps. When you find the maps (the Adobe document has four pages), go to the last page. There you will find a list of local schools with contact names and phone numbers.

    For others who are interested in the helping the schools local to the resorts, please consider the following INSTEAD of visiting...

    Pack basic school supplies into your check luggage (remember that weight limit). Paper, notebooks, pencils, crayons, children's books are all desparately needed, and all have to be imported into the country. Used classroom posters are especially useful to the teachers. (Note... this is an excellent way to generate "ballast" in your baggage, allowing room for souviniers on the way home.) All of these can be brought to the front desk at your resort; they will be happy to get them to their "adopted" school.

    School supplies can also be purchased locally, adding to the commercial viability of the area in which you shop.

    And claerin - God bless you for caring! Our daughter is an educator and we are fully aware of the challenges that all teachers face in their day to day work activities.

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    The Resort has local schools in each town that it sponsors or you can ask anyone you meet ( Staff, Taxi Driver etc ) to set you up with their children,grandchildren's school. My friends kids attend a tiny school in Negril and we visit every year with goodies during their Christmas party- it's SUCH a treat for us !!

    There is also a complete list with contacts and phone numbers
    on Trip Advisor if you "search" for School.

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