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    Default November Secret Rendezvous - when???

    I am trying to book my honeymoon for November and am still torn between CSA and CTI. I know they are very different and they both speak to me for these different reasons.

    I'm wondering if I should just leave it up to a Secret Rendezvous since I would really be happy with any of the resorts. But when are these usually released for November? And does anyone know what the prices were like historically? If it's a better deal to book now then I will, but I thought Secret Rendezvous was the best bang for your buck.

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    SR is not always the best bang for your buck. Check the hot deals for Nov. sometimes they can be about the same as SR. The great thing about them is that you can choose which resort you want to stay and don't have to wiat until a week before you know where you are going.
    I would book now and if you find SR rates are better they will switch you too them with no penalty

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    You can get up to 50% off CTI for November booking now. I'm not sure how much discount for CSA. If you have the money go on and book and you will know exactly where you will be and what room type. If you wait for the SR (2 months out) you may get the other resorts. You will have a great time regardless of which one you stay at.

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