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    Default Pics from Garden View room at CTI?

    We're heading down to CTI in about 5 weeks (!!) with a run-of-the-house deal. I'm assuming we'll be getting a garden view room. I haven't been able to come up with any pics taken from the balcony of one of those rooms. Not that it really matters that much, but I was curious as to what the view is like. Also, looking at one of the aerial shots, it appears that one of the buildings (far east building?) backs up to a road. Do some rooms overlook the road?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Here are some pics from a Deluxe Garden - just keep in mind these are all Pre-Renovation.

    East (#1) does back-up to a road, but it's the back of the building. There are only Deluxe Ocean in this building and they all face the ocean. Plus, there is a concrete wall and lots of foliage in between the building and the road, as well as some elevation.
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    Dena, I haven't uploaded my photos yet but we got the cheapest room there (Garden View) and were on 3rd floor of bldg 3 (where the main lobby is). It does face the road but I didn't even realize this until we went to the spa on our last day. It is set so far back from the entrance and there is dense foliage outside the balcony. We had a lovely view of the tropical trees and we could see a sidewalk below us. It was very quiet, other than the insects and tree frogs at night. For being the cheapest room, it was fine for our needs since we were only there to sleep mostly.

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    Thanks so much for the feedback and pics! I can't wait to see it all for myself!


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