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    I'm planning on surprising my husband with a private dinner during our vacation at CSS in November. I know the nights to avoid (repeaters dinner, starlight gala, beach party), so it's down to choosing location. This is our first visit to CSS, so I'm looking for recommendations for this. Any suggestions?


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    Since CSS has a restaurant with seating on the beach (Bella Vista) I wouldn't have my private dinner on the beach. Instead, I'd have it in the wedding gazebo. I also surprised my hubby with a private dinner a few trips back at CTI. The staff was in on it and even helped me surprise him. It was flawless and we loved it! Good luck!
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    The most romantic place is the Wedding Gazebo. We had one there last February and it was great! It's out on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Here are a couple of Pictures:

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    Thanks for the suggestions and photos. Amy, great point about already being able to eat on the beach. Wally, the gazebo looks very romantic, I think it's the perfect choice for my surprise dinner.


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    We didn't do a private dinner when at CSS in May but I would have to agree with the others that the wedding gazebo would be a wonderful location. If you can book it at sunset time that would be very nice. It's secluded - especially if they block it off like they do for weddings. Wally's pictures show it beautifully.

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    We scheduled ours with the gazebo as you never know when weather will intrude somewhere, a roof can handle light rain and still feel cozy. The beach might not be so nice.

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    Go to the "Contact Us" page on the web site. Send an email to the 'Romance Concierge". You should hear back from Sharie and she will arrange everything for you. I scheduled our as ac couple of months in advance to be sure I could get the wedding gazebo on the night I wanted. She and the staff at CSS did a wonderful job of setting it up and keeping the surprise from my wife until we arrived at the gazebo on the night of the dinner. If you ask, they will also provide a CD player you can use to play you own CDs during the dinner. It was GREAT!!!


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    Hey Wally-
    Is there only one Wedding Gazebo at CSS? I just booked our dinner (our 20th anniversay) and want to make sure it's the same one as in your pics!!!
    Thanks for the tip and the pics.

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    Yup...That's the one and only!

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    Cool! 28 days to go

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    So Cool - 28 days to go

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    I wouldn't worry about whether or not they "block off" the wedding gazebo. It's already rather secluded, and at night, that path doesn't really effective lead anywhere directly (in the day, it links the mineral pool and spa nicely to the main beach, but there's not a whole lot of use of those at night, I imagine). You may see a few couples out for a stroll, but the few weddings and/or private dinners we've happened upon there are always treated very respectively (i.e., no gawking or lurking).

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    I have to send a special THANK YOU to Sharie.

    She sent me the required forms to make the reservation, but, for whatever reason, I could not get the fax to transmit . Sharie immediately responded to my email and provided an alternate number. (Big sigh of relief from me.)

    I know November it still a way off, but, it seems much closer when I can check something off my "to-do" list.

    Thanks again to everyone for their wonderful suggestions, and, to Sharie for her help!


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