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    Default Couples Tower Isle - beach parties?

    my fiance & I are planning on coming to Couples Tower Isle for our Honeymoon this September. we LOVE all of their amenities, the location, & layout! we see on their example schedule that they have beach parties & different types of parties at night, & we were wondering - do they actually have them? were not huge party people, but thought it would incredible to party & dance on the beach! if anyone has any insight, let me know!! thanks =)

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    YES, they actually have them! That's one thing that's so great about Couples - they DO what they SAY. No fine print here.
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    yes and the spread they put out for food is amazing

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    The Beach Party that was on Monday night when we were there in November was AMAZING!!! The food was awesome!!! It was unreal how much food was available and how good it was!! They pulled jerk sausage and other meats right off the grill and onto your place as well as bar-b-q chicken if I remember correctly. There was an authentic Jamaican band that played and they were great. Nothing better than listening to the steel drums during dinner and afterward. Definitely something you don't want to miss!!!

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    Default Beach Party

    Our Monday night beach party was cancelled due to a brief rain shower so they moved everything inside. Still fun, but would rather have been on the beach. Very good show with local steel drum bands. Fun to watch! Food, excellent, as was every day. They also have local vendors on the beach that evening for anyone who wants to shop.

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