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    Default CD/IPOD players in room at CN?

    I can't apologize enough for this question but I just didn't see it anywhere on the board or FAQ. And we MUST have some reggae or Buble' burbling in the room as we got dollied up for dinners and piano bar events. Also, is there loud enough reggae playing out on the CN beach for us to hear it? Being on that beach w/o it seems criminal to us....Thanks! Trace

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    There is an ipod docking station in the rooms. There is music playing around the pool and at the bars, not much on the beach. There are bands that roam the beach and will play for you if you tip them, but that is about it. We have a portable, waterproof ipod docking station called a iceblox, that has external speakers that we use on the beach.

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    Blondie, Thankfully we are far enough away from each other for you to be able to slap me for this next question: The IPOD docking station in the rooms, do these just recharge an IPOD or do they actually play music and , if so, is the quality any good? I mean, if I want to hear a lousy version of Sinatra's "The Way You Look Tonight" I will just sing it myself...As for the beach we see now we need a portable IPOD player. Unless, of course, we are there the exact same time as YOU two. Then we will scooch our loungers near yours and I would play the always-moving drinks boy....Thanks! Trace

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    The ipod stations in the room are adequate but by no means a Bose sytem. As for the beach this past visit guests were asked by other guests and staff members/servers to use earphones rather than speakers as not everyone wants to listen to someone elses music.
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