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    Will be staying at CSA and trying to book airline flight and I was wondering does anybody know how many hours before do they make you leave the resort to take you to the airport.

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    You depart approx. 4 hours prior to your return flight.

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    Four hours is the norm - if there are any other circumstances, like it's a Holiday and there's traffic, etc, it could be longer.

    This is mandated by the Airlines, not the resort. It's their responsibility to get you there on time.

    For the people who want to stay an hour longer
    there is a waiver you can sign and you are "on your own"

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    Yeah, travel days suck!

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    According to recent posts on the MB, due to road construction, transportation from either CN or CSA to Sangster airport is now being scheduled for five hours in advance of your flight time.
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    Since Couples is providing your transfer, they are obliged to be sure you are at the airport at least 2 hours prior to departure.

    I know everyone want to stay as long as possible, drawing things out to the last moment and all... and after several "soon come" moments, we understand.

    But personally, I don't like drawing it out. Too painful. We get the bags out on time, walk the grounds and say our goodbyes. After that, we'd rather just be on the bus and on our way. We know how it feels...

    ...and we see it every day of our stay. When we see that vacant, sad look in someone's eyes, I smile and say, "Dead men walking!" Usually they get the joke and smile, but I'm sure they don't feel better about it.

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    Chris, the way I look at it, you're one day closer to your next trip home...

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