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    One last question - I hope! With only 4 more sleeps left, I still have one nagging question in my mind. We are "newbies" but have registered for the romance rewards in anticipation of becoming repeaters. As newbies, do we also have to pre-register for our first visit? Upon landing in MB, I'm assuming that we just go to the Couples Lounge as directed by all and catch our ride to CN. Is that correct? Or, do we need to give the resort advance notice of our arrival. We booked our trip thru a TA. Comments? Thanks!

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    Just drop in to the Couples Lounge. Pre-registration is really a service for returning guests (which you will likely be one day), who would like to express their preference for welcome gift (shirts, champaigne, etc.) commensurate with their Romance Rewards points.

    Otherwise, you're good to go!... enjoy!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Does anyone know how far in advance you can pre-register?

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    I remember the first time we went in June 2008. I was so worried about how would I find the couples lounge? Would they know I was coming? What if there is a problem? What if I'm lost in the airport?
    Trust me.......... just keep walking at the airport. When you get to the big open area- bear left. You won't miss the sign and you they will be waiting for you. Check in- your name will be on the list. Have a red stripe. Have a great time!!!! I'm going back to CSA in June 2010. Can't wait.

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    Thanks Chris! That's what I thought but after reading the message board, day after day, I would feel a little disappointed in myself if I missed something that I really needed to do in advance.

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