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    On any given day how many people are on the island? We were there in the mid 90's but can't remember. We were at CSS several years ago and I think I want to go back to TI.

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    In November there was a pretty wide range of people on the island at given times. We only ventured out in the afternoon, which seemed to be the less busy time. I would say 10-16 people out there in the afternoons.. maybe 20. In the mornings, it seemed a bit more packed from my view from the mainland and scuba boat. We would generally do other activities in the mornings, snorkel, scuba, swim, be lazy, etc... then be lazy on the island every afternoon.. it was a good system.

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    Just returned from CTI, great crowd on the island!!!! Plenty of chairs, or pool stools.
    At any given time, i would say around 20 people.
    Couples will make sure everyone has a place to place there bum.
    We loved it
    Mark & Barb
    One love.

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