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    Default Room number question - CTI

    My husband and I honeymooned at CTI 25 years ago this October. We are thinking about going back for our anniversary and would love to get the same room we stayed in in 1985. I know the resort has been totally remodeled, and am not sure if the room numbering has been changed, or what type of room this would be now. We were in Room 324, great view of the island, I believe it was in the main building. Can anyone tell me if this room number still exists, and if it is in the same location? Thanks so much for any help to this strange request!

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    According to the new room list, there is no longer a 324. It would have been a Deluxe Ocean in the Main (which were all upgraded to Premier Ocean). It looks as though 322 is now a Premier Ocean and 326 is One Bedroom Ocean Suite, so 324 may have been used to make the size of the suite. Or if it's just a typo, 324 would now be a Premier Ocean (323 and 325 across the hall are Deluxe Gardens).

    Only Randymon or someone on site can confirm if 324 still exists. However, specific room requests cannot be accomodated, only room types. But upon arrival, if it's available you could get it, you just can't reserve it.

    Hope this helps!
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    That's EXACTLY the answer I was looking for! Thanks so much Amy. Looks like if we do go I will book a Premier Ocean and then hope to get one in that area. I know room requests are never guaranteed but I'd like to at least have a chance at it by booking the correct category. Thanks again! Now I am going to dig out the OLD pictures so we can try to take similar ones 25 years later!

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